We Are Fans

When I first started this blog last summer I led off with an entry about why I am a Phillies fan for life. As time went by and we got into the playoffs and the off-season I got to know so many of you through Twitter and it really made my heart swell to feel that brotherly love reach all the way down here to Virginia Beach. I grew up in the Philadelphia area and I was always surrounded by the team spirit that comes with that but I can’t help but feel incredibly lonely in a city that is such a hodgepodge of cultures. Living in the home of the largest naval base in the world I meet tons of people every day that are from all walks of life – but not many of them hail from Philly. I recently discovered the woman who sits on the opposite side of the cubical wall from me at work is a big enough Phillies fan to wear a Victorino jersey (complete with WFC patch on the sleeve) on a casual day and I nearly hung up her phone while she was talking to a customer just to have a conversation with her about baseball. I’ve slowly but surely gotten my husband’s wardrobe to include a couple of team shirts and I’m pretty certain he’s learning to tolerate my “enthusiasm” better and better every day. 

So that brings me back to my Twitter family. I love knowing day or night, winter, spring, summer or fall you guys are there to talk about our national past time. You are some of the most dedicated, hardcore fans I have ever known and for that I thank you. I cannot wait to see you all at the Phillies Nation tailgate before opening day and to cheer on Doc & the rest of our Fightin’ Phils as they take the field for the first time in 2010. 

The other day I asked you all to tell me what the Phillies mean to you, what your favorite Phillies memories are, or just why you love baseball in general. The response was overwhelming and I must say – you made me love baseball even more than I thought I already could. So with that here is why YOU are fans, why YOU love your team and why YOU continue to make Philadelphia the best sports city in the WORLD! 

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