The Best Bad Day Ever

By Kerri Donovan (@kdonovan13)

Someone much more cynical than I may have called Monday a bad day:

  • Waking up before the crack of dawn on my day off 
  • Driving 3 hours in DC rush hour traffic
  • Being shuffled to four parking lots before finding one to settle in
  • Waiting 45 minutes to get through Secret Service security

Secret Service Security


  • Nearly fighting all 5 Natonals fans in attendance
  • The traffic on the way out of the stadium
  • And of course, the obligatory hangover from a long day of tailgating

All this and I’m still left happy. Despite the stressful ride down we ended up in a lot directly across the stadium with some very awesome people.


Sure, the stadium was boring inside, but the approximately 30,000 (I’m guessing) Phillies fans made it feel like home. Ok, so Halladay gave up that run in the first, but he made up for it in the 5-run fifth inning with an RBI base hit, doubling his career RBI total. The offense certainly more than carried their weight, scoring 11 runs. Ryan Howard picked up right where he left off last season with a 2-run homer. And Placido Polanco showed us why we brought him back to Philly with a grand slam in the 7th.

Howard HR

Amid all the excitement on the field, a disgruntled Nats fan attempted to start a fight with my group because somebody “touched his dad.” He was removed from the park and we were free to enjoy the remainder of the Phils’ 11-1 win in peace (except that one guy in a Stephen Strausburg t-shirt, but what does he know).


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