We Are The Lucky Ones

By Meghan Pastorino (@meghanXrino)

After a long, cold winter baseball is back, and honestly standing in Nationals park Monday, it felt like it never left us. There is a thought associated with Opening Day that each team and their fans hold on to: the hope that their team could be one of eight still standing in October. What’s seldom mentioned is that no amount of hope for a Cinderella year can mask that some teams are out of the race before the first pitch is thrown – and you don’t have to go way back in Phillies history to relive the days when our Fightins were out of contention. There are certain teams that are sure bets to make it to October, and wouldn’t you know, that is what we have become.

Today marked the beginning of what could potentially be the most historic season in Phillies history. Today, looking into the faces of Nationals fans, I remembered what it was like to have your team counted out; the excitement of a new season with little promise. Today I knew exactly what the opposing team’s fans were thinking: how great would it be to have a team like the Phillies.

A team that can score 20 runs on a given night. A team that is likable and so effortless to cheer for. A team that is never out of it until the 27th out. A team where either Ryan or Cole could steal a bag. A team that the best pitcher in baseball wanted to play for. A team that promised us greatness, and delivers every time they take the field.

Nothing is sure thing in life, and its even more true in baseball. But isn’t it the greatest feeling to have on Opening Day, knowing wherever you watched the game, that we are the lucky ones. The fans who can say without a doubt, our Philadelphia Phillies could win it all this year.


2 Responses

  1. This is the best that Philly has ever put together. It is theirs for the taking. GO PHILS!!!

    – @DavefromPhilly

  2. […] us made the trek down to Washington for the debut of Roy Halladay back in April. On that day, in my first entry for this blog, I wrote about the kind of team the 2010 Phillies were. And how they showed us on Opening Day; the […]

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