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With Love, A Phemale Phan

By Angela Peters (@angejim0531)

‘Tis the season. Baseball season that is.  I woke up this morning with visions of grand slams, home runs, and “Lets go Phillies” chants in my head, knowing that a few hours later I’d be sitting glued to my television.  Every year when someone asks me “what was the best day this year”? I reply “Opening Day, of course”. This year it’s different, it’s better.  I sat down at around 12:30, getting myself situated for the game.  Waiting with bated breath through Obama’s first pitch, through the top of the first inning even at this point I don’t remember much of it, I was waiting for what every other Phillies fan was waiting for.  ROY HALLADAY to throw his first pitch in the Phillies regular season.  Words cannot even begin to describe the joy I’m sure all of us felt at that moment, knowing our Ace had arrived.  Even though we were off to rocky start, he got into the groove, and made all of our dreams come true.  This man I believe could single-handedly pitch us right into the World Series!

 If this season is anything like today’s game, I’ll be screaming Raul Ibanez’s name in joy, Twirling my Howard rally towel, and kicking myself for ever doubting Shane Victorino.  Let’s not forget the beautiful show Placido Polanco put on for all of us fan’s, reminding us that no matter what we are WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS. 

I am so excited to be part of this blog and I can’t wait to bring everyone my “Phillies Fan Point of View” throughout the season.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves on opening day, as much as I did.  In the words of the late Harry Kalas “I have High Hopes.”  This year promises to be one hell of a season, and I can’t wait!!

Until next time
A Phemale Phan

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