Thanks, But No Thanks

If you’re looking for play-by-play analysis of tonight’s game, you’re in the wrong place. 

I write simply to show a fan’s point of view – a phemale phan.  I know some of you will be disappointed to hear this, but I have always been a huge Moyer fan – I’m a sucker for the underdog.  At this point I am completely, 100% regretting my decision to do this review because I have absolutely nothing good to say about him.  Let’s be honest I could post this right now in the top of the 5th, and the column would still end the same way.  We won because we’re the Phillies and we have HOT BATS.  The “W” is no thanks to Mr. Moyer though.

I’ve got to say if he was put in front of me right now, I would have one thing to say: “you’re old, please stop.”  You gave up two nearly consecutive 2-run home runs to a team that has no business even getting hits.  Each year (each game, actually) that Moyer pitches my love for him lessens, and after tonight I’m not sure I can even respect him as a starting pitcher for a team like the 2010 Philadelphia Phillies.  I thank God every night before bed for Ryan Howard (I really do), because truth is without him Moyer wouldn’t have this win.  In my opinion he doesn’t deserve the win, he should retire, stop trying to live out his dreams.  I would have been happy if Moyer had retired after the World Series and in my opinion we would have been better off in 2009.  He struggled last year, and after an injury didn’t return to play out the rest of the season. 

This year isn’t looking much better for the 47-year-old pitcher.  We are all well aware that Jamie Moyer is not a “power pitcher” and his fastball is currently the slowest in the majors, averaging just 80.4 mph. The future isn’t looking good for him, and to be frank, I must say I’m glad. Hopefully Charlie will recognize this early and send him packing back to the bull pen. I have high hopes that when his contract is up he will retire, but who knows because when asked about retiring after the expiration of his Phillies contract at the end of 2010, Moyer said, “you know, I’m going to leave that as an open-ended question because I don’t know how to answer that. It could be [my last season]. It potentially could be. But so could have last year. So could have two years ago, so could have five years ago.”

Jamie, if you’re listening give it up. 

I can’t leave you all without posting a tweet I saw tonight:


 That tweet alone should give the man a reason to retire.

All in all, besides Jamie Moyer and his less than stellar pitching, we won, so I’m happy.  Also I’m thrilled that my yelling of RAUUUUUL at my TV will not cease just yet.
Until Next Time, 
 A Phemale Phan


4 Responses

  1. Sad but true. ]=

  2. Agism is an ugly trait 😦

  3. Yeah, that came out wrong. I don’t relay my sarcasm very well. Good post Angejim.

  4. The only good thing that I can say about Moyer’s performance last night is that he did settle down after that debacle in the third inning. I was afraid that the Astros were going to dip into our bullpen early, and nothing good can come from that right now.

    I too was suprised that Moyer didn’t retire after becoming a WFC, and even more surprised that Ruben signed him to a two-year deal. I really hope he does well this season, but gems like the one he pitched against the Yankees in spring training are coming fewer and farther between for the Old Man.

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