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My Opening Week Experience

By Andrea (@hewish)

Here are a couple of words for my debut.

The past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to be there live to watch the Phillies open the season. There are a few reasons why I was so lucky: they opened the season at home, demand wasn’t as high, and I worked at night.

This year I finally experienced Opening Day and Week as a responsible adult. My definition of responsible adult means I was stuck at work unable to watch or listen to the game.  My opening day experience was receiving texts from friends saying “Roy’s a beast” or checking Twitter every now and then for some updates. I lived vicariously through the lucky ones who made the trip to DC.  Highlights of the game weren’t able to be watched until the next morning. It just didn’t feel right.

Baseball season is long, we all know this. Games will be missed and go unwatched throughout the season and it’ll be okay. But there was just that uneasy feeling the first couple of days of the season. I felt helpless being unable to watch my team live. Tomorrow I will have this feeling again as they open another glorious season at CBP. I won’t be able to watch or listen.

Perhaps not being one of the lucky ones wll make me a better person. Maybe this is a test for me to go through to make me a better fan (if that’s at all possible). But maybe it’s just time for me to shrug it off and deal with and accept that fact that sometimes we all have to be, responsible.

2 Responses

  1. “Games will be missed and go unwatched throughout the season”

    Speak for yourself.

  2. You need a droid! You can listen the game on your phone at work OR at least be able to view pitch by pitch!

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