Ode to Johan Santana

I was going to write a post about Johan Santana’s performance against the Nationals, but decided to write a limerick instead:

Not the best pitcher in the National League. Photo by Kathy Willens/AP Photo

There once was a pitcher named Johan,
Who thought he was the whole f’n show, man.
But he gave up a grand slam,
To Josh Willingham,
And the Mets still fucking suck.


7 Responses

  1. NICE

  2. These are the best! Keep it going Phillies doll!

    • Sure thing, Mr. Vandelay. Hey, didn’t you design that extension to the Guggenheim? I heard it didn’t take very long.

  3. This is brilliant.

  4. Your limericks are becoming my favorite thing ever 🙂


  6. Lovin the Limericks.

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