Fairytale Princess (And I Don’t Mean Colbert Hamels)

Courtesy Michelle Levy

Opening day has once again come and gone and those of us lucky enough to be there couldn’t have asked for more a more beautiful day… and blah blah blah, insert Hamels-centered rant [here].


Courtesy Deanna Ingeno

I’m sure you’ve all heard what a time was had at Citizens Bank Park yesterday, but to me Opening Day was a day of firsts. Up until yesterday, I had never had the privilege of attending a game with so many dedicated fans (and if you don’t think the fans in attendance weren’t some of the most die-hard there are, I don’t know what to tell you). Who else would drive hours to stand around in a parking lot at 10:30 in the morning?  Before Monday I had never participated in “tailgating,” the custom of consuming beverages, playing games, meeting new people and getting hyped for the game. I was honored to have met some of the bloggers, like those from Phillies Nation, Phoul Ballz, The Fightins, The 700 Level and Long Drive, who participated in The Phield – and ladies of the blog, listen up: you’ll be pleased to know we’ve got their support! Needless to say, tailgating with the best was like no experience I’ve ever had.

Rally Pants / Courtesy Kerri Donovan

Going into the stadium for the first time since last season is another experience in itself. There’s just something about taking that first step inside the gates, smelling the food and beer and finding your seat to take in the game. Being as it was my first game of the season as well as my first Opening Day, it held a couple of surprises. It really was like a fairytale watching the Phanatic lead in the parade of the 2010 Phillies to second base, the American flag stretch out over the outfield, the NAVY team parachute down onto the field and finally, the 2009 National Championship flag being hoisted to where it belongs above center field. Presentation of the pennant definitely ran chills up and down my spine – there is no other feeling in the world like it. And the new act the Phanatic put on – Lady PhaPha – was a hit! Aside from Cole’s 4th inning dilemma it was a great game that resulted in another “W” for her highness and more importantly led to Harry singing “High Hopes” leaving hardly anyone with a dry eye at The Bank.

Opening Day in Philadelphia was perfect for this phan and wrapped up with my first trip to Chickie’s & Pete’s – a real fairytale ending, if I do say so myself!

Until next time, go Phillies!

Sweet Dee, out


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