“Game Review” 04.16.10

I’ll be honest – I don’t have anything insightful to say about tonight’s game other than the following:

  • Gee, I sure wish we could clone Roy Halladay a few times so we never had to use any other pitcher ever again (8 IP, 100 pitches, 70 strikes)
  • Boy, that Chase Utley sure can hit
  • Placido Effing Polanco
  • Don’t starting worrying about Herndon – I shouldn’t have to explain why.
  • Not that I want Lidge back anytime soon but I’m ready for Ry Dog to get back to being the set-up man
  • The first base umpire was clearly not trying to get everyone home and out of the rain especially in the 9th inning
  • My new life goal is to get on the Bongo Cam
  • I need to start sitting in better sections where fans who are actually into the game are sitting and not more concerned with getting (more) wasted at McFadden’s. If you want to tailgate for 9 innings, stay in the parking lot.

Speaking of tailgating some of the Chicks got together before the game and if you weren’t there you missed this:

Phillies Doll & O'Malley with men in kilts. It happened.

 Apparently they were a band with bagpipes and everything, and Val had the foresight to suggest writing down their name so we could plug them online, but that wound up being a suggestion no one took so instead we just have this picture to identify them by.  If you know who the heck they are, please leave it in the comment section.

The Baseball Ladies also gave a toast to a one Mr. Dash Treyhorn at his request:

Kerri, Diane, Meghan, Andrea, Michelle, Val

So… then it rained a lot, and the Phillies won, and that was it.  If you want more concrete analysis and recap….. you’re in the wrong place.

The Chicks will be trying to plan a group ticket event to a game sometime this summer so we can get a big tailgate organized and not have to split up once we get into the park so we’ll keep you all posted on the details as they unfold.


2 Responses

  1. So upset I missed this. I hope everyone had fun!

  2. Treyhorn approved.

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