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Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Tim Hudson, ATL

Now this one was an absolute no-brainer for me. I’ve seemingly always had a thing for pitchers, and lucky for us, this series’ has one of the sexiest pitchers in the league on its staff. The only thing hotter than this man may be the city in which he lives and works. Without further ado, I present to you…

Tim Hudson, P
Atlanta Braves #15

Oooooooh Mister Hudson, where do I begin?! Normally I don’t dig the bald look, but then again no one owns it like Tim does. The native Georgian made his Major League debut in 1999 with the Oakland Athletics, and stayed with the team until he moved over to the Braves in 2004. It was nice to have this hottie on the right coast, and to see him so frequently, but that also meant my Phillies would have to face his fierce stuff much more regularly.  Before he began to blow up the majors, he graduated from Auburn with the unfortunately deceased-much-too-soon Cardinals reliever Josh Hancock.

The 34-year-old right-hander is married to his college sweetheart and fellow Auburn alum Kim, with who he has two daughters, Tess and Kennedie, and a son Kade. The pair were on the show “Get Married” which originally aired on Lifetime to discuss their day. They currently live in Peachtree City, Georgia. And as well all know, assets are a big thing in my book, and boy does he have one! It’s not exactly as Godly as Sidney Crosby’s (and yes, I know I’m taking bullets for that one…) but Huddy’s is delicious in its own right! Unfortunately, Huddy doesn’t have a Twitter (to my knowledge) so he can’t live up to the expectations of last series’ hottie Chris, but he is still a fineeeee piece to look at!

Joking around on his wedding day on Lifetime's "Get Married"


Both forearms are inked

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