LOL Gutierrez

Missed in the euphoria of Jayson Werth’s game winning home run in the ninth inning of last night’s ball game was the initial reaction of Diamondbacks’ closer Juan Gutierrez. 

Aww...isn't that cute. He thinks that this ball is going to stay in the park. Silly goose.

Look at him. He’s pointing at the sky like it’s a routine foul ball or something. LOL! TMac would later describe this home run as both “a towering shot” and “a moon shot”.


3 Responses

  1. It actually seems like Gutierrez went to the “Tmac School for Incorrectly Judging Fly Balls”. Where “towering drives” actually are doubles that get to the wall on a hop, and “deep fly balls” are tripple deckers.

  2. Closer = garden-variety middle reliever?

  3. Silly Gutierrez, trix are for kids.

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