You Know You’re A Phillies Fan If…

10. You have been in the 700 level of The Vet at least once.


9. Growing up your grandfather gave you one piece of advice: “I don’t care who or what you marry – a sex-addict, a cult leader, or a serial killer – as long as they aren’t a Yankees fan.”


8. You know why people flock to Broad St. or FKD & Cottman on cold October nights, because you’re there too.


7. You love the Phanatic dearly, even if you think he looks silly.


6. Harry Kalas will forever be your favorite baseball announcer EVER.


5. Tailgating on a hot summer day is one of your favorite things.


4. You think a “Schmitter” is the greatest sandwich ever invented, and you crave it in the off season.


3. You have said, text, facebooked, or tweeted “Chase Utley, you are the man” at least once.


2. You hate Joe Buck.


1. Watching the Phillies become WFC was the best night of your life. 


With Love,

A Phemale Phan


2 Responses

  1. Words can not begin to describe how awesome this is.

  2. Phillies tickets for saleagainst the Yankees in the Bronx are dropping like rock on broker sites. It was proven last year in the series, big money players are still not bringing people to the gate like they are in Philadelphia. Tickets are now under $20 bucks a seat for any of the three games.

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