How It Should Be Done: A Lesson in PR

Disclaimer: this post is for Phillies fans who are also Eagles fans. This is a vast majority, but I’m also not blind and dumb and realize that some Phillies fans do not cheer for the Philadelphia football team. And I digress…

Remember when the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb? The day before Phillies opening day? Before the first appearance by Saint Halladay in a Phils uniform? Most fans were quick to call shenanigans on the birds, saying they only made the trade to make sure they remained relevant in a football town that is quickly becoming a baseball one yearround. Other defended the Eagles, saying that the trade happened when it happened, regardless of baseball season.

So how about last weekend’s NFL draft? Mel Kiper Jr. makes more in the five days of the draft then I do in five years of work. Sigh. Anywho, fans watched as the Eagles got their man and traded picks and stocked up on future players.  The Phillies did their business this weekend and played the games at hand, never attempting to steal the Eagles thunder.

And now today the Phillies have announced a 5 year extension with Ryan Howard.  Could this extension possibly have been announced earlier, say during the NFL draft period? Possibly. But it wasn’t.  Phillies management waited and announced it after all the draft hoopla was over.  A classy move on their part.  The same argument can be used in that the Phillies may have had no control over when the deal would be done.  However, one thinks that even if a deal was reached a week ago, they may have waited to announce it until after the draft.

Perhaps the timing really did have nothing to do with it and us fans just read into it too much. Or maybe the Phillies are that considerate.  I’d like to think I’m not alone when I say it was probably because of the latter.


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  1. Not alone in despising the Eagles. I’m not too keen on them myself. Kinda against the grain a bit, and I always catch flak for it.

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