Series Recap – Phillies vs. Mets 4/30 – 5/2

Michelle was going to write a very serious series recap detailing this weekend’s Phillies/Mets extravaganza, but we decided to do this in limerick form instead.

Friday 4.30.2010 – Mets 9 Phillies 1
W: Niese (1-1, 3.10 ERA); L: Kendrick (0-1, 7.61 ERA)

So the New York Mets came to Philly,
And yeah, they beat our team silly,
But their team is a joke,
And you know that they’ll choke,
It happens every September.

Saturday 05.01.10 – Phillies 10 Mets 0
W: Halladay (5-1, 1.47 ERA); L: Pelfrey (4-1, 2.40 ERA)

There once was a pitcher named Doc,
The Mets’ hitters could not hold his jock.
The Phils brought the lumber,
They had Pelfrey’s number,
And Jose Reyes has a really small cock.

AP Photo/H. Rumph, Jr.

Sunday 05.02.10 Phillies 11 Mets 5
W: Moyer (3-2, 5.70 ERA); L: Santana (3-2, 4.50 ERA)

Part One:

There once was a douchebag named Rod,
Who thought he was a gift from God.
He sucked when he played for us,
He makes me want to cuss,
And kick him right in his vagina.

Getty Images/Hunter Martin

Part Two:

There once was a pitcher for the Mets,
Who said he was the NL East’s best.
But ten earned runs later
We knew who was greater
And the Mets always fucking suck!

AP Photo/Tom Mihalek



4 Responses

  1. The pouting picture of Johan at the end makes this post beyond amazing.

  2. In terms of sheer poetic form, I’d say the one for game two is my favorite.

    • Mine too

  3. Best series of limericks EVER!!

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