If Found, Please Tase

For the second night in a row, Phillies fans had the unfortunate opportunity to witness yet another “fan” leap to his fate on the field at Citizens Bank Park.  The only difference? Last night the Phillies were down by five runs, the fan did not jump onto the grass mid-pitch, and the fans in attendance were shocked to have just seen a 17-year-old kid tased by security.  Tonight?  32-year-old Douchebag of the Year Thomas Betz of Philadelphia sent a tweet before he jumped onto the field announcing his intentions, gave up without a fight, and after 24 hours of “stop talking about the taser kid” chatter, cries of “TASE THE SONOFABITCH” rose from the mouths of every Phillies fan on the planet.

The culprit:


Image on left from @THETHOROBRED's Twitter account / Image on right AP Photo/Matt Slocum

The Tweet:

Please keep in mind that Chicks Dig The Long Ball DOES NOT under any circumstances condone harassment of anyone, even someone as seemingly deserving as this dickhead.  That being said, here are links to his MySpace and Facebook accounts in case you want to track the aftermath from his point of view.


4 Responses

  1. I REALLYYYYY wanna know what Werth said to him on the way out.

  2. Jason Werth: “You call that a beard, pussyface?”

  3. oops forgot the Y there. You get the drift… 😉

  4. I really think security needs to step it up a bit and use cattle prods, maybe that’ll scare some of these incoherent dimwits from jumping onto the field. Funny that dude didn’t even know how to spell ‘FIELD.’ Most of these apple heads have been so inoculated they might be immune to a tazer, that’s why they should up the ante and cattle prod the the hair off their snatch!

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