Ryan Madson Needs A Hobby

When I first heard that Madson was going on the DL because of a broken toe, I was so annoyed.  Despite his blown saves, he’s a good pitcher.  Then, I paused.  How the hell did he break his toe?  Did he pull a Luis Castillo and trip and fall while descending the dugout stairs?  Did he attempt a karate kick during a bar fight?  Did some chick he was banging get carried away during a session of toe licking?

Take the glove off your head and get a hobby, you moron. (Photo  uploaded to Flickr by phillymads63)

Take the glove off your head and get a hobby, you moron. (Photo uploaded to Flickr by phillymads63)

Honestly, any of those things would be less embarrassing than what actually happened.  This is how he broke his toe: after blowing his 2nd save, Ryan Madson was so frustrated that he kicked a chair.  He kicked it hard enough to break his toe into three pieces.

How fucking stupid does Ryan Madson feel right now?

I mean he already feels bad enough, blowing two saves for the Phillies.  And then he doesn’t even get injured while playing the game or as a result of playing the game.  The dude had a temper tantrum and kicked a chair.

I mean, oh my God.  If I were Ryan, I’d be grateful for surgery and a hospital stay.  I have no doubt his teammates are trying to be good natured about the whole thing, because who doesn’t get frustrated with their performance every now and then?  But how many of them actually injure themselves while expressing that frustration?

Listen, I like Madson.  I think he’s been underrated as of late, mostly because he doesn’t belong in the closers role.  He was best used as the Bridge to Lidge — that’s where he shone.  He’s had the role of the closer thrust upon him once again this year with the early season absence of Brad Lidge.  So it’s understandable that he’d be frustrated with his semi-lackluster performance.

But come on.  He’s not Jason Heyward, who is 20.  He’s not Ike Davis, who is 23.  He’s not even Cole Hamels, who is 26.  Ryan Madson is 29.  He’s been playing in the majors for nearly 7 years.  He’s not new at this.  You’d expect him to have a little maturity and perhaps take his frustration out another way.  Stamp collecting.  Orienteering.  Fencing.  Recreational sex with any of the thousands upon thousands of female (and male) Phillies fans that would gladly have him.

Perhaps he should consider that next time.  That way, he wouldn’t feel so fucking stupid.


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