Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Brian McCann, ATL

Catchers are a huge part of the game of baseball – they help steer the game, make some of the most important plays, and control and calm the pitching staffs. And as a result of all that squatting and standing, they claim some of the nicest tushies in the game. This series’ Sexy Opponent took me a bit long to decide on, but I give you…

Brian McCann, C
Atlanta Braves #16

This 26-year-old is another native Georgian playing for his home state team. He made his ML debut on June 10, 2005. He hit his first home run in just his second game with the team! In 2005, he spent most of the season as John Smoltz’s personal catcher, but has since become the starting backstop. He’s somewhat known for his poor eyesight, having had LASIK surgery in 2007 to help correct it. Unfortunately, LASIK can reverse itself, and by 2009 he needed to wear glasses behind the plate (he said contacts were uncomfortable). Oakley made him special wraparound glasses to preserve his peripheral vision at the plate, while also being comfortable for him to wear and perform in.

A four-time All-Star, he’s been selected to play in every ASG since his first full season in the majors (2006-2009). Brian is also another married hottie, so we can only look and wish!

a hottie AND a puppy? woo!

brian & his glasses


3 Responses

  1. Okay, I can almost understand David Wright, ALMOST, but McCann? Really?

  2. Yeah I know. I think McCann is more adorable than sexy, but still. After Frenchie got traded and Huddy was already our Sexy Opponent, I had to go with the adorable.

  3. (a) You mean we can look forward to a Jeff Francoeur Sexy Opponent post?!?I hope you mention his giant pussy!
    (b) Whoever could be the Rockies’ Sexy Opponent?? (Please be Joe Beimel, please be Joe Beimel, please be Joe Beimel…)

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