Some Quick Hitters

A lot of things happened in the past 24 hours regarding the Phillies.  Here are some quick snapshots of the news:

  • First, Carlos Ruiz by the numbers.  I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail, but just keep in mind that he is the only one in the everyday lineup that has not yet been voted to an All-Star team and 2010 would be as good a year as any to make it happen:

  • The series originally scheduled to be played in Toronto June 25-27 has been moved to Philadelphia due to congestion and security concerns surrounding the G20 Summit.  Although the game will take place at Citizens Bank Park, the Blue Jays will be the home team, meaning the Phillies will bat in the top half of the inning and a DH will be used.  Tickets will be made available first to Phillies full-season ticket holders in the next 3-7 days and individual tickets will go on sale in approximately 10-14 days.
  • Brad Lidge’s elbow:  Before yesterday’s game in Colorado, Charlie Manuel had said he confident in Lidge and was ready to put him back on the mound on a regular basis as the closer for the Phillies.  But when the 9th inning rolled around last night, it was Contreras warming in the bullpen instead.  Between then and now there have been many reports of Lidge feeling stiffness in his elbow but that he wasn’t terribly concerned.  After a session of catch at Coors Field this afternoon, however, Brad didn’t seem so optimistic anymore:

That’s all for now, but stay tuned after the game for a recap by Val!  More news on all of the aforementioned topics will be available to you as details are made available to us.


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