Ladies: A Formal Request

Dear Fellow Chicks Who Dig The Long Ball: 
For some time now I have noticed that some of you she-fans think that you are exempt from a long-standing tradition of respect: removing your hats during the National Anthem. I know – hat hair. That’s why you aren’t removing yours, right? God forbid your friends, boyfriend, husband, various family members see you with your hair looking messy for two minutes. And ladies I get it, but it’s not a good enough excuse to not remove your hat. You see, you might think everyone might look and you and say, “Gah! She awful hat hair!” Still right? Well guess what ladies, no one that you don’t know cares what you’re hair looks like! And chances are, the people you came with would still like you with hat hair, and they probably don’t care either. This problem of two-minute hat hair also comes with a solution: YOU CAN PUT YOU’RE HAT BACK ON WHEN ITS OVER. So ladies, next time Dan Baker gives the signal to remove you’re hats, stop playing dumb. You know the right thing to do. Show some respect for where you are lucky enough to live, okay? Because, ladies, I can guarantee fellow fans won’t notice you for hat hair, but they will most certainly notice you for not rising and removing your hat along with everyone else. 



15 Responses

  1. HEAR that ladies? I duno bout annyone else but SHEPDAWG watchin the flag durin the ANTHEM notchur HAIR. showin RESPECT is HARD CORE.

  2. Even on the off chance that someone you don’t know is concerned with your hat hair, all guys are way more excited you like baseball and are willing to wear a (Phillies) hat to mind. just sayin.

  3. This shouldn’t just be directed at women. There are a shit ton of men who need this lesson as well.

    I make it a point to say something to anyone who refuses to take their hat off when the anthem is being played.

    It’s two minutes people. Show some damn respect.


    • Agreed. It truly bugs me when I see people still wearing hats during the NA. It also irks me when people are still walking the concourse jabbering away during the NA. It’s disrespectful.

  4. Hear hear!!

  5. Dissenting Opinion:

    Only men are formally asked to remove their hats for the anthem. I don’t particularly have a problem with ladies keeping theirs on. I do get super upset when men leave their caps on though.

  6. Historically, it was considered proper for women to keep their heads covered as a sign of respect. Especially in church.

    If someone is in under a covered area, inside a building, etc. they are not required to stop and honor the colors, at least this much is true for service members.

  7. In some stadiums, the announcer says, “Would everyone please stand, and gentlemen please remove their caps …” So while I generally agree with you, there is some tradition – not just in church, but in baseball – of women keeping their hats on during the national anthem.

    In fact, US Code 36.10.131 says that “Men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart.” For the full code, visit:

    Of course, the flag and the Constitution to which it points guarantees our freedom – freedom to respect and disrespect the flag. And that’s the beauty of it … In some countries you have to salute or get thrown to the dogs …

  8. I do love this point completely and totally. I think I’d love to know what the etiquette is for God Bless America as I was given the stink eye by a man in DC for not taking my hat off for that. Any female concerned about hat hair embarrasses me as a female baseball fan.
    Great point Meghan!

  9. I think its a matter of opinion, and I guess there are some traditions of women keeping their hats on in respect of certain places, but we are long gone from living in those times, and I think in 2010 it is appropriate for all men, women, and children to remove hats when the National Athem is played in any setting.

  10. What is everyone’s view on visors, do they count as a hat and need to be taken off?

    • Yes, you take off a visor.

  11. Great post. It is very disrespectful to your country. People need to stop worrying about their image for two seconds and have a little respect.

  12. As far as I know, there is no requirement, male or female, to remove your hat during “God Bless America.” It’s a beautiful song, but it is NOT the National Anthem. I have also heard people grumble if you don’t take your hat off during it, but until someone can prove to me I have to remove my hat, I’ll leave it on.

    I remove mine EVERY TIME for the National Anthem. Whether I’m supposed or not, I do it out of respect for my family members and others who serve and for all those men and women who served, but never made it home. It’s two minutes and I think they deserve that at the very least.

  13. I really wanted to chime in on this post when it went up, but I was on a plane heading back east, and then I got caught up by my wedding, but I did want to add my sort of dissenting opinion on this.

    I stand and remove my hat for the National Anthem, and while I’d prefer if everyone did that, it’s not really my place or anyone else’s place to tell others what to do.

    Is it disrespectful? Sure. But we live in a country where everyone people speak their mind and do what they want within the eye of the law. If someone is protesting or feel they have something to say by not standing for the NA, then so be it. It’s their prerogative.

    When we start telling people they have to stand during the NA is when we start become like many of the governments that we hate.

    We all have our thoughts on this, and if someone keeps their hat on and doesn’t stand up, it’s probably best to silently judge them.

    The last Phillies game I went to, I saw two people not do it. Maybe they were assholes, maybe they were trying to make a statement. Who cares? All I know is that I was standing, and it’s great that I live in a country where everyone is free to express their views.

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