Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS

The Boston Red Sox are my favorite AL team, and second favorite team in baseball. I follow them just like I follow my Phillies. When they won in 2004 to break the curse, I ran around my house, screaming, in my underwear and cried. Yes, I am serious. In 2007, I fell to my living room floor as they once again became World Champions. In 2008, I rooted for the Phils to play them in the Fall Classic so I could finally visit my Holy Grail of baseball parks. I even gave up a trip to see the Flyers play in the Winter Classic because I didn’t want to have my first time to Fenway be for a hockey game.

And in all of that fandom, there is a man of ultimate beauty.

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Boston Red Sox #2

Where do I begin? …Hubba hubba, zing zing, baby he’s got everything!!

Jacoby is of Native American descent, and is the first Navajo ever to make it to the Major Leagues. And he looks wonderful drenched in champagne. He was drafted in 2002 by Tampa Bay, but went to Oregon State to become a Duck. In 2005, he was drafted by the Red Sox, and he stole my heart. He finally made his debut on June 30, 2007, and began stealing the hearts of Red Sox Nation everywhere. He was sent down but recalled again when rosters expanded, and thus won his first World Series in October of 2007.

He’s a good hitter with very speedy feet. In fact, he stole the first base of the postseason in 2007, winning us all a free Taco Bell taco in the process, and earning himself the nickname Tacoby. He’s tied or broken an insane number of records, and rarely commits errors.

Jacoby has his own charity wine, the ZinfandEllsbury, with the proceeds going to various charities. Unfortunately for us ladies, he has a longtime girlfriend, Kelsey, whom he met at Oregon State (and she is absolutely gorgeous). But at least he isn’t married, like most of our hotties seem to be! And now, without further ado, the photographic evidence of his hotness. Please, remember to wipe the drool from your keyboards after viewing, and I am not responsible for any broken items or lusty fevers. Hellloooo Mr. Ellsbury.

Jacoby & his girlfriend Kelsey - too pretty for words!

As Little Red Riding Hoodie during rookie hazing.

Edit: Since I am so resistant to Jacoby leaving #46 behind, I totally forgot he is now #2!  He’ll always be #46…tear…


3 Responses

  1. Got to agree with you on this one.

    Ellsbury is definitely my Red Sox man crush, but Pedroia is my favorite player.

    Really want the Sox and Phils ot meet in the World Series, but I’d have to go with the Phillies ever time. Can never root against the home team.


  2. I would leave my husband for him, oh yes ladies I would.

  3. If this were facebook, I would “like” this post infinite times. I totally approve of this post. [=

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