Phillies Sexy Opponent of the Series: John Baker, FLA


Ahem… now that that’s out of my system, onto the sexy!!

Our first Marlins Hottie will never be topped, of that I’m sure. In addition to being the team’s hottest offering, Chris Coghlan read my post – and tweeted back to me about it! Talk about a Hottie going above and beyond! I try to shy away from picking anyone on the DL, but as a member of the 7 month DL last year, I couldn’t help but go with an injured Hottie. It is my job, after all, to provide the best viewing material out there, even if it is sitting in the dugout!

John Baker, C
Florida Marlins #21

I love a man with a good tush. Catchers naturally have some of the best badonks out there, thanks to all of that squatting and such. John Baker is no exception. The 29-year-old Californian was drafted by the Oakland A’s, a team that has provided quite a good deal of hotties to the baseball world. Much like our Chase Utley, although not a salami his first ML hit was a homer off former beloved Phillie Chan Ho Park. He shares Marlins catching duties with another former Phillie (for all of about two days) Ronny Paulino.

Jorge Posada he isn’t. Nice to look at, he is. Short and sweet in order to keep Memorial Day Weekend sunbathing time to a maximum, I now present to you John Baker, for your viewing enjoyment!

Too much hot for one photo - Baker and Casey Blake of the LA Dodgers

P.S. – Go tweet Chris Coghlan and tell him how awesome he is for supporting CDTLB!


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