Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Matthew Kaminski, ATL

As today marks my 22 years of life, and all of it spent in a big, bright city, I’d like to think I’ve seen enough male specimens in my life to know my way around hotness. A man who loves baseball is always good. A man who works in baseball is usually pretty sexy. A man who not only works in baseball, but plays an instrument, helps entertain us and give us something to sing along with, the stir emotions, and to taunt opposing teams with is amazing. Usually the person behind the music stays cloaked in darkness, hidden in some room no one can quite find (unless you’re David May of the Flyers, but that’s a whole ‘nother post!), but they’re always there, watching and waiting to entertain. As the years have passed, more and more in-game music is a recording, or an iTunes file, but at least one stadium still believes in tradition.

Matthew Kaminski


It’s time we give a little love to the people behind the scenes, eh? In his press box overlooking Turner Field, Matthew never fails to entertain fans of all different clubs with his musical stylings. He takes our suggestions and requests, and gives our players some hilarious introduction music when normally in many other stadiums, there’d be none. He still plays the good old-fashioned organ like in the days of baseball past, but brings an exciting new twist to it. This is his second season with Atlanta, but he has quickly found a place in even opposing fans’ hearts. Sure, our Phillies might be in the dumpster around back that is festering in the heat and smells of fish and urine, but we still find joy in tweeting him to ask he show our boys some love while they loiter around the dugout and ground into double plays.

Our players have been on the receiving end of the theme song from The Office (Ryan Howard) and many other requests. He’s even played the Mister Softee theme for Carlos Ruiz – talk about the power of social media! When he’s not tickling the keys at the field, he’s still a musician, although primarily dealing in jazz music.

So if you read this, Mr. Braves Organist, you will be as cool as Chris Coghlan (who read my previous post on his sexiness), and I just have one request – play me Happy Birthday!


3 Responses

  1. Good stuff as always from the ladies of CDTLB.

    Keep up the fine work.

  2. Sorry, Ladies, but Matthew’s taken! Matthew missed the first game of the Phillies series because he was at Emory University Med Center with his bride of two years. She presented Matthew with a precious bundle, Allison Margaret Kaminski… 7 lbs, 14oz, 20 and 1/4 pounds, and cute as a button!

    dave in dayton, ohio

  3. Thanks for the write up on Matthew. He does a wonderful job at Turner Field and I enjoy throwing out suggestions to him myself. He and his wife are wonderful people and he is very talented. Thanks so much for giving praise on your site.

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