Dear Bud: A Formal Request

If you are an avid reader of CDTLB, you know that we only usually have the menfolk write for us on Wednesdays, contributing to the weekly “Cocks in the Hen House” feature.  When Michael came to me looking for a place to vent his frustrations about MLB Commissioner Bud Selig I wasn’t sure when we could run it.  Since virtually all of the CDTLB writers will be at the Phillies game today and more than likely will not be able to post anything ourselves, the timing could not have been more perfect.  Please welcome Michael, South Jersey native transplanted in Florida, and who has also contributed to The Sound of Philly.  He can be found on Twitter here.

June 5, 2010

Mr. Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner
245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10167

Dear Mr. Selig:

“Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” – Cher (from the movie Clueless)

To some extent, the one hit shutout that Armondo Galarraga threw Wednesday night was still a perfect game with two outs in the ninth on Thursday afternoon.  You, the commissioner of baseball, were in a meeting mulling the decision to overturn one of the worst calls in recent sports history.  By now we all now know the play and how the players, the coaches, the fans and even the umpires acknowledged that the call was botched.

You had an opportunity to drive the lane and just obliterate a dunk, hang on the rim with your tongue out, and completely smash the glass backboard into tiny pieces by overturning the call and declaring the final out was in fact called incorrectly giving Galarraga his perfect game.

Instead, you took the basketball, dribbled to mid-court down 3 points, waited for the clock to expire, ran down the court and threw in a 2 point lay-up leaving the crowd and pretty much everyone involved with the play utterly perplexed and furious.  You then took your ball and went home.

The Bud Selig era has been riddled with controversy.  One could argue that you have done nothing right in your tenure as commissioner of Major League Baseball.  You took over for Fay Vincent and in this time frame have overseen the injection of juiced up players obliterating priceless records, bared witness on the sidelines to the overpayment of free agents with no backbone to the player’s union, called a tie game during an all-star game, allowed the loss of the African-American player dwindle to a fraction of the league percentage and more…

Then, you announced at a press conference Thursday that you would not be overturning the play, but would take a look at the use of instant replay in the near future due to the high amount of debatable calls that have taken place recently.  Nothing to say to this, but FAIL.

Mr. Selig, you had the chance to make one of the most blundered calls in major league history into one of the most feel good stories of the year, in sports and the news in general, as everyone has heard of this story by now and formed an opinion on what should happen.

The real shame in all of this, is that you are allowing the one person who knows he is responsible for doing wrong to stew in his own guilt for the rest of his life.  That man is James Joyce, the first base umpire.  With just doing the right thing and overturning this call, you could wipe it all away.  You did not.  You used your power and ego to sentence a man to an inner prison where he and his family may still continue to be threatened by the fans who also were not appeased.

I’m sure you may be worried about what overturning a game may do to other games that included close plays or missed calls.  I say that all you had to do was announce that you were overturning the call, and make a new rule that baseball games could only be reviewed and overturned during the course of one week after the played game with an appeal being accepted no later than 24 hours after the final pitch of the game in question.  This would include no grandfathering of older games.

You are not creative.  I can’t say that you even seem like you care for people, or the fans who watch, or the players who play and make you money.  You, sir, are more botched than the missed call by Jim Joyce.  You are definitely not perfect and that needs no appeal.

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


Michael Hendricks for the fans of Major League Baseball


3 Responses

  1. Once a used car salesman, always a used car salesman.

  2. Nicely done sir. I knew that Selig would not do the right thing based on his past performance. You nailed his lack of character perfectly.

  3. Great well thought out letter. With any luck it will set a precedent for review of replay usage this offseason or dare I say amendment for use in this postseason. At the very least, I would suggest instating some sort of Managerial challenge system like football has allowing a manager to call for a review one time per game or something to that effect.

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