Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Omar Infante, ATL

Ugh. What can I say. There has been a lack of Sexy Opponent posts for, well, a lack of Sexy Opponents. Coupled with the Phillies putting absolute slop out there, I haven’t even been able to barely watch a game, let alone gawk at the sexy players. However, with the help of Matthew Kaminski, the lovely Braves Organist and our former Sexy Braves Opponent, I present to you just about the only thing worth talking about lately.

Omar Infante, Utility
Atlanta Braves #4

Yep, you read that right. This series’ Sexy Opponent is none other than Omar Infante. He’s been in the Majors since 2002, and was with the Detroit Tigers the entire time until coming to the Braves in 2008. Chase Utley, he is not. He’s just an all-around Greg Dobbs-ian guy, just a little better than ol’ Greg. Just  a few days ago, Omar received his first All-Star bid from our skipper Charlie Manuel because of his skills around the field.

There isn’t much to say about Omar. However, he actually is not all that bad looking! If you’re reading this during tonight’s game, and can hold down your beer and hot dogs long enough, take a look at Omar below.


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