Phillies Sweep the Reds–Drunk Girl Series Recap–07.11.10

Sarah J Glover/Philadelphia Inquirer

Woooooo! Break out the brooms! The Phillies complete the four-game sweep of the Reds heading into the All-Star break!

Now, I’m way too drunk to give you specific details like, you know, stats and stuff, but here’s what I’m straight enough to comprehend in writing at the moment: 

1. Walk-off wins are awesome.
2. Joe Blanton sucks so far this season.
3. Cliff Lee: Texas Ranger sounds totally bad ass.
4. Roy Halladay is a beast who feasts off of the broken faces of his opponents.
5. Fans should stay away from balls in play when hit by the home team, even if they seem as if they’re within reach.
6. Grown men who bring gloves to games in hopes of catching said ball in play are douches.
7. Brad Lidge makes me nervous.
8. The Phillies may have their swagger back.
9. Nothing goes better with Phillies baseball than skinny-dipping in my pool after a win.
10. Self-imposed Twitter strikes are stupid.

Seriously, the Phillies needed these wins in order to keep pace with the division leaders and gain some confidence going into the second half of the season. They just swept a first-place team despite having inconsistent run production and replacements filling in for injured starters. This type of play is what separates winners from losers. (You know, teams like the Mets.) Hopefully, the team won’t lose momentum during the All-Star break.  

The Phillies are now 4.5 games behind Atlanta in the NL East. They start an eight-game road trip against Chicago on Thursday. The projected starters are 47-year-old Jamie Moyer™ (9-8, 4.51 ERA) and Ryan Dempster (7-7, 3.61 ERA).


3 Responses

  1. Heard at the stadium today:

    Carlos Ruiz new ‘At Bat’ music, “In The Air Tonight” – very cool!

    Keep up the good work gals

    • One of the beat writers (Zolecki?) reported that song was playing in the clubhouse before the game.

  2. “9. Nothing goes better with Phillies baseball than skinny-dipping in my pool after a win.”

    Pics or it didn’t happen

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