Ode to Billy Wagner-Replay-UPDATED

Now just because the Phillies are 7.0 games out of first place and have lost all but one game since the All-Star break doesn’t mean that we can’t make fun of Billy Wagner’s blown save against the Padres. Here’s a classic limerick that I’m dusting off for the occaison, because ripping Wags never gets old: Eff that. It’s been a rough two months for us Fans of the Fightins’, and it’s about to get more tumultuous as we wait to see if Ruben makes a trade. We deserve a new limerick, yo:

There once was a rat named Billy,
Who used to play baseball in Philly.
But now he’s a Brave,
Who blew a big save,
And he has a really small penis too.

There once was a pitcher called Wags,
And when he chokes, he gags.
Hairston took him deep,
Torrealba made him weep,
He finds comfort by dressing in drag.


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