What should become of Phillies Doll?


So far, most of you say that I should return to Twitter if Jayson is traded, although a bunch of you also want me to use my Twitter strike as a platform to get Roy Halladay to go to the zoo with ZWR.

I can only assume that this guy is a Mets fan and has eaten plenty of these in his day:

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I made the following stupid proclamation on July 8:

He hadn’t hit a home run in 14 games at the time, so I figured that he was due. And yet here I sit, still tweetless, unable to converse with my followers throughout the Phillies’ thrilling victories (the walk-off wins against the Reds) and painful losses (almost every game since).

Now there are rumors that Jayson and his glorious goatee are about to be traded, and followers have been wondering how this would affect my ill-conceived Twitter strike.

Well, why don’t you guys decide what should become of my Twitter fate?*  Take the poll:

*Seriously, I really miss youse guys. I hope you’re all doing well, or at least better than Milt Thompson.


One Response

  1. LOL he homered tonight so your worries are over. Tweet away

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