Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series: Rusty Ryal, ARZ

When I found out my dear, beloved Conor Jackson was traded from the Diamondbacks, I was bummed. He was the sexiest dark-haired beauty to grace Arizona, the perfect foil to blondie Mark Reynolds, and now he is gone.  In an effort to help me scope out new hotness, I took requests, but finally settled on this little bugger. This series, I decided to go for a different look. Blonde, yes, but not the typical look for me. In person, he’s quite attractive, so just trust me here gals (and guys…I know you read these).

Rusty Ryal, LF
Arizona Diamondbacks #4

Rusty might look young, but he’s actually older than former Hottie Mark (who turns 27 on August 3!). However, he is definitely still wet behind his Major League ears. Rusty was called up in August of 2009, and now mans left field daily with the absence of the gorgeous CoJack.  Sure, his name sounds like an alcoholic beverage, or a dirty move a la Cosmopolitan, but he’s also pretty darn nice to look at. Don’t believe me? Check him out!


One Response

  1. Tell Rusty we will see him in San Diego in August
    The Ryal’s

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