Tweets From Last Night

Instead of doing a traditional game recap, we here at CDTLB thought it would be fun to recapture the highs and lows of last night’s ball game by reposting the most insightful, humorous, and raucous Tweets of our favorite followers. Think of it as a drunken, profane game review written by you. And who knows, maybe what you Tweet tonight will show up on our blog tomorrow.

1st Inning

Courtesy @phillyGirlAtray (Section 127)

@phillykelly: Maybe we can get 17 runs tonight. I feel like that would be real helpful to KK.  

@SarahMcTamney:  Dear Kyle Kendrick, it’s been a GREAT day to be a Phillies fan, please don’t blow it. Love always, Me.  

@4forfour:  Polanco out at the plate. Like the aggressiveness though.  

 2nd Inning  

@petzrawr:  Wheels: “…no error because you can’t assume a double play.” TMac: “They just gave him an error.” Wheels: “That’s my point, sometimes you can.”  

 4th Inning  

@ASkratz: Apparently for a retro night, the Phillies offense went back to last month. #notscoring #seriously?  

 5th Inning  

@4forfour: Ben Francisco doesn’t even know why he’s starting tonight. #Brown  



Ransom singled to center. Ruiz doubled to left, Ransom scored.

 6th Inning  

@ctrabs74:  Believe it or not, Kendrick has retired the last 7 D-Backs in a row. 90 pitches after 6 innings. #BizarroPhilly  

@JWerthsBeard: If you participate in the wave, YOU WILL be ejected!  

Phillies sixth. Ibanez homered to center on a 2-2 count.

@inthephilshouse: 45,232 fans at CBP … 91st straight sellout  

@pjgillam: Came up with Raul HR ball. Cried. Saw Debbie Gibson concert. Cried. Lost her Troll Doll. Cried. #80sThrowBackRant  

7th Inning  

@Estebomb:  The ump should just tell Adam LaRoche to be a better baseball player.  

@magelb: Knock Wilson Valdez at the plate, but wow that was a big play.  

@ryanlawrence21:  Another standing O for Dom Brown. Kid’s a rock star disguised as a ballplayer.  

8th Inning  

@hewish: Unless you are doing lines of coke in the bathroom, you aren’t really experiencing 80’s retro night at the ballpark.  

9th Inning  

@MandaBrill:  Double FARGLE BARGLE.  

@The700Level: The Polanco to Valdez to Howard DP has really saved them this evening. And been quite pretty.  

@angejim0531: This game has quickly become torture.  

10th Inning  

@jrfinger: Man… good 10th from Lidge. Good stuff. They ought to make him a closer.  

@swatson10:  Brad Lidge throws 11 strikes in 12 pitches and retires the side. Madson came in for the close in the 9th because…?  


@maggiesox:  …The shit were you swinging at, RyHo?  

11th Inning  

@maggiesox:  COT. SIT DOWN, D-BACKS. (Also, seriously, I am out of wine and this is a tragedy.)  

@soundofphilly: Do you think Baez is warming up as a threat to the batters to score now?  

@hyperlinkhobo:  Bottom of the lineup comes through!!! Phillies WIN (hey Braves, yeah that’s us riding your ass!!)  

@InRubenWeTrust:  If Oswalt was watching the game, this undoubtedly reaffirmed why Phila. was the right choice – for the best chance for a ring.  

Courtesy @meghanxrino (Section 148)


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  1. THIS. for the rest of the year. amazeballs.

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