Tweets From Last Night 07.30.10 Phillies 1 Nationals 8

 Instead of doing a traditional game recap, we here at CDTLB thought it would be fun to recapture the highs and lows of last night’s ball game by reposting the most insightful, humorous, and raucous Tweets of our favorite followers. Think of it as a drunken, profane game review written by you. And who knows, maybe what you Tweet tonight will show up on our blog tomorrow. 

Courtesy @M_OMalley (Section 113)

1st inning

@WWBD102:  Good to see JRoll is back in lineup to pop out to start the inning.

@ThatBeerSnob:  Didn’t the other Roy give up a run in the first inning in Washington, too?

@JuniorGeneral:  Well, this is a very disappointing debut. At this point in his Phillies career, Cliff Lee already had cured cancer.

2nd innning

@officialreview: Hey Phillies, you mind taking some pitches? Where’s Greg Gross when you need him!?!?

@markmarinelli:  Werth & Dobbs first pitch swing and Domonic has a 6 pitch a bat. Which is the rookie?

@LONG_DRIVE:  Oswalt stole Lee’s ninja powers.

3rd inning

@mfranknba:  Just your everyday 9-3 putout. They didn’t get Oswalt for his hitting or his speed on the bases.

@HighCheese:  Cliff Lee runs to the dugout after an inning faster than Roy Oswalt ran to first base.   

@MoCJones:  Usually when you’re trying to get someone out, MAKE SURE THERE’S A THIRD BASEMAN!!!!

4th inning

@InRubenWeTrust:  Best way to get a hit: smoke the pitcher in the ass. Oh, that’s dirty.

@meechone:  “Fuckin’ motherfucker.” -Roy Oswalt (I love this guy)

@SpinyNorman:  Watching Gregg Dobbs play defense is as painful as watching Rosanne Barr sunbathe in a bikini.

5th inning

@ctrabs74:  Dobbs draws a walk, and somehow manages to draw an error.

@angejim0531: Are our bats stuck in the traffic on 95 too?

@kdonovan13:  If I were one to chug drinks, that play certainly would’ve emptied my glass.

6th inning

@ctrabs:  The only thing that could make the night go worse is if the Nationals music guy played Chelsea Dagger in between innings.

7th inning

@Estebomb:  Insert Phillies fan overreaction here

Werth homered to left on a 2-2 count.

@mfrankmba:  Not a good debut for Oswalt: 6 innings, 7 hits, 5 runs (4 earned), 2 walks, 4 Ks.

@RyanElamSports:  So, rather than a strikeout/throwout, it’s ball 4/bases loaded. That pretty much sums up tonight’s game for the Phillies.

@JWerthsBeard:  FARGLE BARGLE (c)@zoowithroy

8th inning & beyond

@InRubenWeTrust:  I still have boners for you, Roy Oswalt.


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