Tweets from Last Night-07.31.10-Phillies 5, Nationals 7

Instead of doing a traditional game recap, we here at CDTLB thought it would be fun to recapture the highs and lows of last night’s ball game by reposting the most insightful, humorous, and raucous Tweets of our favorite followers. Think of it as a drunken, profane game review written by you. And who knows, maybe what you Tweet tonight will show up on our blog tomorrow. 

The view from 116, courtesy of @krmcguire.

1st inning

7:09 @Utley4God: Also, I’m pretty sure it should be illegal to put Cody Ransom above Domonic Brown in a lineup and I mean any lineup.

7:11 @ChuckGysi: J-Roll’s ninth steal in nine tries. #Phillies

2nd inning

7:53 @InRubenWeTrust: blanton can’t afford warm-up innings, he needs to be on his grind from the start. #phillies

4th inning

8:12 @magelb: Before the game, Wilson Valdez found a way to hide in his own locker. Now he delivers another hit with RISP…

8:16 @MarkZuckerman: 5 of #Nats’ first 7 batters tonight singled. 5 of their last 6 have struck out.

8:18 @magelb: Joe Blanton has now allowed 15 earned runs in the first inning of his 17 starts.

8:21 @mikeonthephils: I wish Joe Blanton would pitch like this when the game starts instead of one inning later.

5th inning

8:36 @ctrabs47: #Phillies apparently keeping AAA busy tonight. That’s 7 runners stranded through 5 innings if you’re scoring at home.

8:41 @phanatical: My mom just said Blanton reminds her of Ronnie from #JerseyShore. Oh dear. #phillies

6th inning

8:49 @ryanlawrence21: That was Chooch’s first home run since May 10. #Phillies

8:49 @ToddZolecki: Joe Blanton’s ERA in the 1st inning this season: 7.94. 2nd through 5th innings: 3.36. 6th inning and later: 12.00.

8:52 @mikeonthephils: Congratulations, Kerwin Danley. You can’t call balls and strikes, but you can call a rule that is never enforced.

8:58 @ryanlawrence21: When’s the Domonic Brown diving bobblehead giveaway?\

7th inning

9:01 @lizroscher: Ok, everyone. Stop worrying about this game. Danys Baez is coming in!

9:07 @seeley2: Tyler Clippard’s entrance music is Peaches. I’m OK with Tyler Clippard. #nationals #mlb

9:07 @MarkZuckerman: 38,049 paid attendance tonight. #Nats are calling it a sellout.

9:10 @MarkZuckerman: I think that was Raul Ibanez’s 715th home run off #Nats relievers in the last 2 years. This one off Clippard. Game tied, 4-4.

9:14 @maggiesox: Is it the debilitating sunburn or is GameCast telling me that the #Phillies have remembered how to put wood on the ball?

9:14 @ToddZolecki: Raul Ibanez is hitting .361 with 5 doubles, 4 homers and 15 RBIs in 23 games since July 3.

8th inning

9:38 @kdonovan13: Dislike the phrase “Greg Dobb in the on deck circle”…but not as much as “Danys Baez warming up in the bullpen.” That’s just horrifying.

9:51 @Rich_PA: #Phils just waiting til the 9th to take a 3-run lead, so they can bring Lidge in to give up 2 runs and end game with bases loaded.. as usual

9th inning

9:59 @fotodave: Alight kids, we’re all clear. Now let’s blow this thing & go home. #phillies #HanFuckingSolo

10:05: @Utley4God: Come on Charlie, call in the Big piece, you know you want to.

10:07 @4forfour: Charlie is saving Howard for extras just like he did with Lidge the other night. Good times.

10:10 @InRubenWeTrust: Now we still need withstand an outling by Lidge… #phillies

10:10 @heatherw25: Chooch is the most underrated catcher in baseball, period

10:12 @KimmayJ: Lidge, you don’t have insurance runs. Don’t make me break out the hard liquor.

10:12 @LONG_DRIVE: Hold onto your butts. /jurassicpark’d

10:13 @magelb: Before the inning began, I rated this a 9 on the Brad Lidge Blown Save Scale. (10 being the highest, of course.)

10:16 @Wing2J: I think we are at FARGLE. BARGLE is pending. #Lidge’d

10:18 @ToddZolecki: Brad Lidge has not had a clean full inning in a save opportunity since June 4.

10:18 @Phanatical: I’ve always said this – my cause of death will be the 9th inning of a #Phillies game

10:20 @SonOfADeitch: Well, at least Oswalt took care of the Phils’ third-biggest need.

10:21 @DashTreyhorn: “He’s our closer.”

10:21 @Phrontiersman: Lidge is a human tragicomedy. This is unbelievable.

10:21 @heatherw25: When Brad helped convince Oswalt to come here, did he forget to tell him that he was still the closer?

10:22 @maggiesox: OH FUCK YOU BRAD LIDGE. I HATE YOUR ANCESTORS. #Phillies

10:22 @SonOfADeitch: Well, converting 71% of your save chances is pretty good, right? Oh, it isn’t? OK.

10:22 @Wing2J: Annnnnnd there’s the BARGLE. Damnit Lidge.

10:24 @LONG_DRIVE: $12.5 million next year for this. Remember that Phillies fans.

10:21 @justkaela: they should make you walk home to philly, lidge. #pissed


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