Tweets From… This Afternoon? 08.01.10 Phillies 6 Nationals 4

Instead of doing a traditional game recap, we here at CDTLB thought it would be fun to recapture the highs and lows of last night’s ball game by reposting the most insightful, humorous, and raucous Tweets of our favorite followers. Think of it as a drunken, profane game review written by you. And who knows, maybe what you Tweet tonight will show up on our blog tomorrow. 

Courtesy @catrob927

1st Inning

 @meechone: Dom Brown just stole second base; in my heart.

 @SonOfADeitch: Every Phillie is officially hurt … but Brad Lidge says he can still close.

 2nd Inning

 @DashTreyhorn: The Keys to the Game: Stop the freak injuries.

 @SawyerBeanKou: Dear Roy H., Roy O., Cole, Domonic and Jayson: PLEASE stay away from second base – it’s after the Phillies!

 @InRubenWeTrust: That bunt would have looked better if you hit Lannan in the nuts.

 @ToddZolecki:  Ryan Howard has a sprained left ankle. Not sure of the severity. Currently having x-rays.

 3rd Inning:

@AnswerDave: Lannan kind of looks like the Despicable Me guy.

@meechone: BABIP’d the shit outta that one.

@Philled_In: Phillies have left at least one runner on in 17 of 21 innings in this series so far (including 14 of last 15).

@scotsedley:  Polanco, Valdez, Ransom double play. Just like we drew it up in spring training.

4th Inning

@ashburnalleyblg: I’m surprised none of the Phillies coaching staff has gotten injured.

@GregVince: Can’t we just put Zimmerman on base? Preferably by putting one in his neck?

5th Inning:

@hyperlinkhobo: Thanks for making Lannan look like Houdini

@ToddZolecki: X-rays returned negative on Howard’s right elbow (hit by pitch in 1st) and left ankle.

@petzrawr: That’s the second happiest I’ve ever been after a test came back negative. Pshew.

@nelush: Polly and third base: A love affair for the ages.

Courtesy @PralinePrince

 6th Inning:  

@TimothyMalcom: Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd close to perfect together. Brett Myers gets extension. Brad Lidge: Healthy and still our closer.

@fuckthemets: You were supposed to be traded, asshat.

@MetWiki: The Phillies entire team is injured and they’re still outplaying us Mets.

@magelb: It’s just the second time in his last 17 starts that Cole Hamels has allowed more than three runs.

@IronyNOW: I’m getting in my time machine to travel back to last week. This week stinks.

7th Inning

@DashTreyhorn: Polly Wolly Doodle! All! The! Day!

@JonathanStacks: Just showed Ryan Howard’s injury on video at Citi Field. Everyone cheered. Michael Irvin approves.

@locastic: Finally, Zimmerman runs out of magic… That jerk.

@ToddZolecki: Jayson Werth is hitting .157 (14-for-89) with 3 homers and 35 RBIs with RISP this season. A .262 career hitter with RISP.

@MandaBrill: It’s ok, Dom. This chick still digs you.

@paulfogle: This Phillies game is eerily similar to last night. Read: DO NOT PUT LIDGE IN.

8th Inning:

@ctrabs74: Greg Dobbs: Only slightly more effective than a dead cell phone charger.

@InRubenWeTrust: Haha, Riggleman has no argument because the umpire automatically assumes Desmound sucks.

@maggiesox: Just get the fuck out of DC, Phillies. Nothing good ever happens there.

9th Inning

@zoowithroy: Lidge warming. Like the ice caps.

@SmokeDawg33: Waiting for the guillotine to drop…

@IronyNOW: No Lidge in the 9th since we’re tied. Charlie is saving him in case we need to blow a lead.

10th Inning

@KevinMcAlpin: Free baseball in DC!! Ben Fran, Dom Brown and Chooch due up in the top 10th, Phils and Nats tied at 4.

@flyers171828: Phillies have got to score MULTIPLE runs in order to win this game in extras since Charlie remains so stubborn and forgiving for Lidge.

@JWerthsBeard: Can we just settle this with a duel?

@maggiesox: Okay. Somebody get the live chicken. I have the rum.

11th Inning

Polanco singled to center, Valdez scored.

Werth doubled to center, Polanco scored.

@michellew_: Manuel’s gonna have to pinch hit next if this goes past 11.

@sweetbabette: Dear God, I don’t ask for a lot. Please don’t let Lidge blow this.

@thisisjohnny: Woof. Brad Lidge’s ERA is higher than a hippie at a Hendrix concert.

@ToddZolecki: Brad Lidge throws a 1-2-3 inning to pick up the save. Phils move within 2 1/2 games of Braves in NL East.

@Gibbbbons: Brad Lidge obviously got pitching tips from Domonic Brown before today’s game.

Courtesy @tallpaul3545

And now for some bonus tweets!

Around 8:00 pm EST, Nationals mascot Screech the Eagle put this call out on his twitter page:

You responded…

@needham_crisis: welcomed by your boss and encouraged to spend, lining the owner’s pocket.

@MLB: hoping for a third straight trip to the World Series.

@M_OMalley: paying your salary.

@TimothyMalcolm: responsible for 78 percent of all ticket sales at Nationals Park this season.
(Editor’s note: I am the proud owner of a Nats mini season ticket plan – O’Malley)

@MaggieRNJ: the reason Nationals Park sold out the last 3 days.

@Spunky41182: the only other attraction that increases ticket sales besides Strasburg.

@Utley4God: the only ones filling your stadium.


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