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Tweets from Last Night 08.03.10 Phillies 6, Marlins 1

Instead of doing a traditional game recap, we here at CDTLB thought it would be fun to recapture the highs and lows of last night’s ball game by reposting the most insightful, humorous, and raucous Tweets of our favorite followers. Think of it as a drunken, profane game review written by you. And who knows, maybe what you Tweet tonight will show up on our blog tomorrow. 

Courtesy of @uublog

1st Inning

@SethDH: Welcome to the @MLB. You just gave up a double vs your first batter. #Phillies #Marlins

@LONG_DRIVE: I feel like Werth leads the league in striking out on that pitch.

@ctrabs74: Fun factoid: Roy Halladay has retired the last 30 of #ThoseFloridaMarlins he has faced. Only 7 pitches – all strikes – to wrap up the 1st.

@LONG_DRIVE: Watching Roy Halladay pitch is like sports porn.

2nd Inning



@ChrisVisco1 Francisco and Chooch go back-to-back. That is the only time you’ll ever see me type that sentence.

@ssigafoos: All five fans at Marlins /Landshark stadium are Phillies fans.

@Matt_Swa: Valdez makes the 3rd out at 3rd, finding a way to make a double play when he’s not even batting.

3rd Inning

@SethDH: What’s the fascination with making your helmet look like a cow took a giant crap above the logo?

@ChuckGysi: Halladay tonight: 48 pitches, 34 strikes. #Phillies

4th Inning

@DashTreyhorn: Roy Halladay does it all, folks.

@bmac4mvp2012: Doc knows what insurance runs are

@CrashburnAlley: Roy Halladay will be playing the part of Ryan Howard for the next few weeks.

@hewish: Roy Halladay is just pure sex.

@Matt_Swa: That is the Marlins punishment for intentionally walking Wilson Valdez. Seriously.

@KieranCarobine: Roy Halladay records more RBIs then earned runs allowed tonight? What are the odds?

@Phrontiersman: Just the 5th four-pitch walk for Doc all season.

@hewish: Doc is getting squeezed harder then a porn star’s boobs.

@DashTreyhorn: Even when Roy is a little bit off, he is still very much on.

5th Inning

@ChickPhilA: There’s the Dan Uggla I know.

@fuckthemets: /leighton’d

@MandaBrill: Chooch. Just……Chooch. #phillies

@raschatz: remember last year when #Mets had a gazillion injuries and totally tanked? #Phillies showing that injuries can be overcome…

@ctrabs74: Roy Oswalt must be thinking, “Hey guys. Save a few runs for me, okay?” #Phillies

@LONG_DRIVE: Roy Halladay perfect through 5 IP. Not baseball wise, just in general ❤

6th Inning

@phuturephillies: This Halladay chap is fairly decent.

@ryanlawrence21: Halladay hasn’t been perfect, but pretty close: he’s allowed two hits and struck out 9 through 5 2/3. (He K’d 11 in perfect game)

@Phrontiersman: Halladay has now pitched 6+ innings in all but one start. He went 5.2 against Boston on 5/23.

@LONG_DRIVE: Roy Halladay throwing 197 pitches > Brad Lidge entering the game.

7th Inning

@ChuckGysi: Werth struck out three times so far tonight. #Phillies

@CoreySeidman: Something tells me Hector Luna won’t play the next two games at third.

@Phrontiersman: Consider shortening the leash soon, Cholly. Marlins starting to make good contact, getting hits.

@Phrontiersman: Well, nevermind. Halladay makes his own leashes.

@LONG_DRIVE: Roy actually chooses to get double plays. Sometimes he wants to K everyone but knows Charlie is aware of his pitch count.

@Phrontiersman: After giving up singles to the first two batters and telepathically reading my tweet, Halladay gets 3 outs on 5 pitches. #nobigdeal

8th Inning

@petzrawr: Holy shit, Wertz. Four Ks? Goddamn.

@Estebomb: Golden sombrero! Olé!

9th Inning

@SethDH: Chooch needs a whole gallon of ice cream after this game.

@KevinMcAlpin: #Phillies win 6-1…Roy Halladay wins his 13th…Chooch w/a 4 hit night. Mets lead Braves 3-2 in 9th…

@CoreySeidman: The 58-48 Phillies are three Francisco Rodriguez outs away from being two games back in the NL East…with 7/8 of the lineup missing time.

@dixonij: Roy Halladay gave himself all the run support he needed with his 2 RBI single. #Phillies #HesGood #ReallyGood

@Phrontiersman: Praise be to Jeff Francoeur. Mets win, Phils move within 2. Haven’t been this close since June 8.

2 Responses

  1. Man i wish I was a monkey so I could do this too.

  2. Clarifying my 1st inning tweet on Doc’s retiring 30 straight Marlins – I had meant that he retired 30 straight Marlins in Miami. I completely forgot that he faced Those Florida Marlins at home after his perfecto. Oops…

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