Limericks from Last Night 08.05.10 Phillies 5, Marlins 4

Ode to JC Romero

Hey J”GN”C, you suck!
You walked in a run, what the fuck?!
Now the Fish are winning,
They scored four runs this inning,
I hope Oswalt runs you over with his truck.

Ode to the Ninth Inning

In the ninth, the Phillies weren’t cunning,
What a horrible display of baserunning!
They really screwed the pooch,
Left standing was Chooch,
It was more insane than Jim Bunning.

Ode to the Tenth Inning

The umpire made a bad call.
The Fish screamed “IT’S A FAIR BALL!”
Then Chooch stepped to the plate,
He sealed the game’s fate,
When his shot cleared the left field wall.

Ode to the Series

The Phillies completed the sweep,
Chooch had twice gone deep,
Six ribbies, eight hits,
That man was the tits!
Now it’s time to make the Mets weep.


3 Responses

  1. I love it! That’s very clever and creative. Keep up the good work. Go Phils.. beat those Mets!

  2. Love the Chooch limerick.

  3. Haha! Amazing!

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