Phillies Sexy Opponent of the Series: Holy Hotness, Batman!!, LAD

Sometimes, it seems one person is the clear front runner in the Hottie department (see: Tim Hudson, ATL). Other times, there is such an abundance of good looks, it’s hard to decide where to feast your eyes. Because of this occurrence, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not one…not two…but THREE Super Hotties in today’s post! But how is that possible, you ask? Isn’t one truly hotter than the rest? The answer is no. One looks like the grizzled old vet he is, the other appears to be barely out of Pampers, and the third…well…he’s just riiiiight. And all three of them have names that begin with C!

Light some candles, pour some wine, get comfortable and enjoy…

The Los Angeles Dodgers Trifecta of Sexy

Clayton Kershaw, P
Los Angeles Dodgers #22

Oooooh, Mr. Kershaw.

He is quite possibly my favorite part of this team, now that Randy Wolf has moved on. Young, blonde, tall, Southern, and athletic, I just can’t get enough. Sure, he looks like he should still be in kindergarten, but he’s actually older than I am (by 3 months…but still!). He looks exceptionally good in Dodger blue as well. Earlier this year he was suspended for five games for beaning former beloved Aaron Rowand, but really, just look at that cute lil’ face! Since his Major League debut on May 25, 2008, he’s been sitting guys down left and right – and then sitting down for good once we send his Dodgers packing in the post season. He actually looks a lot like Eric Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes, which is heavenly.

As if that wasn’t enough to sway you, check this out – his great uncle discovered Pluto! How many other pitchers can say their relative discovered a planet (or at least what was one until 2006 [RIP Pluto])?

Chad Billingsley, P
Los Angeles Dodgers #58

Moving on, we arrive at Chad Billingsley, the delectable 26-year-old righty. In the four years he’s been a Major Leaguer, he’s only gotten better. He, too, was a part of the two-time embarrassment that was the Dodgers Post Season Dreams of 2008, and Dodgers Post Season Dreams Revisited: 2009. He’s built awfully oddly, with stubby, tree trunk legs. However, I do recommend the rear view!

In the winter of 2008, after packing it in for the season, he slipped on ice and fractured his thigh. I would have offered to nurse him back to health, but I feel it’s safe to say his wife Tiffany would not have approved. At least he wasn’t carrying deer meet, like some other klutz…

Casey Blake, 3B
Los Angeles Dodgers #23

(It’s pretty apparent I have a thing for pitchers and third basement, no?)

Casey Blake is a rarity in baseball. He looks like he could chop down some trees, build me a house, kill me dinner, cook me dinner, play a game of baseball, win that game of baseball, start a fire, and make me feel like a woman. And I like that.

He’s got that perpetually lovely beard, with just a touch of gray. Sometimes, it’s very Gerard Butler! His wrinkly old Santa Eyes give him the look of wisdom, and of someone who suffered through being an Oriole. At 36, he’s our oldest Dodger Hottie and most tenured, having been a Blue Jay, Twin, Oriole, another Twin, and an Indian before landing in sunny LA. His record of being a sexy athlete is quite well rounded. In high school he played baseball, basketball, and football as well as ran track! In his spare time, he is an avid duck hunter (and not the Nintendo kind). See, perfect for huntin’ me down some somethin’ for dinner!

Casey is married with three daughters and a son…but one can dream!

Hopefully everyone out there survived this inferno of baseball lookers. I’ll see you back here this weekend, although I can’t promise Los Mets will be as sexy.


2 Responses

  1. Love this! I like your choices as well. You must admit, though, when it comes to an overall good looking team, the Phils win that prize. You probably already posted who’s on your list for the Phils but I would love to revisit that. I’m new to your blog. I know who’s on my list for sure.

  2. Aww thank you! I actually have never ever posted on Phillies hotties, since I just have mainly focused on the opposing eye candy. But one day I will! And yes, I definitely agree – we are by far the best looking team out there. Our Flyers are the hottest NHL team as well, in my opinion.

    Thanks for reading, and I promise to keep you entertained in the future!


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