Tweets From Last Night: 08.27.10 Phillies 3 Padres 2

Instead of doing a traditional game recap, we here at CDTLB thought it would be fun to recapture the highs and lows of last night’s ball game by reposting the most insightful, humorous, and raucous Tweets of our favorite followers. Think of it as a drunken, profane game review written by you. And who knows, maybe what you Tweet tonight will show up on our blog tomorrow.  

Courtesy of @davefromphilly

1st Inning 

 @Rob_STC: Wow another first place team and no crowd. Sounds like you can hear tons of Phillies fans in San Diego. 

@Phrontiersman: I really like Mat Latos. But I hope we knock him all over the field tonight. 

@_C8Lin:  Instead of getting called out on check swings, Ryan decides to not swing at all. 

2nd Inning 

@JoeGrady78:  My six-year-old nephew has a better approach at the plate in tee-ball than the entire Phillies lineup. So frustrating. 

@SwiftonSports:  Oswalt’s fastball gives me a hard-on. Is that wrong? 

@DashTreyhorn:  Double scoop for Chooch! 

@M_OMalley:  The Padres run kind of slow. 

@the701Level:   CHORCH TIEMS 2 

3rd Inning:  

@lizroscher:  Oh my God, the Phillies have two men on base! Two men on base! Eeeeeeee! 

@TheGoodPhight: Everybody BABIPs! Wa HOO!!! 

@DingDong1003:  Ryan Howard’s at bats are uglier than Lady Gaga. 

@ToddZolecki:  Since returning from the DL, Ryan Howard is 3-for-26 (.115) with 0 homers, 0 RBIs, 0 walks and 14 strikeouts. Three hits are singles. 

@TheGoodPhight:  I miss the big, lumpy Ryan Howard who played shitty defense and hit lots of home runs. 

Courtesy of @FlyersOllie

4th Inning 

@HighCheese:  You know those HR robberies on the highlights that really aren’t that legit? Will Venable’s is not one of them. He stole Werth’s lunch money. 

@HereComesTreb1e:  Call the cops!! Robbed. 

@ToddZolecki:  Carlos Ruiz caught two runners stealing in 2nd inning. First Phillie catcher to do that since Chris Coste @NYM on Sept. 15, 2007. 

@LOWDandROWDY:  Thank Jeebus Howard made that play or the Phillies twittverse would have demanded he be benched or traded or some other dumb shit. 

@DealNCali:  Seeing all the angry, bitchy tweets I can’t tell if we’re mad at the Eagles or Phillies. 

5th Inning 

@philsgke:  Good thing Scott Barry isn’t umping, he would have tossed Roy Oswalt for tossing the bat after his ground out to second. 

@kraeer:  Latos’ 12-6 curve is suddenly not so “nasty” as I called it earlier. He’s hangin’ ‘em, and “when ya hang ‘em somebody’s gonna BANG ‘em” – Sarge 

@SwiftOnSports: Roy Oswalt = Worth every prospect spent. EVERY! 

@magelb: In five innings, Roy Oswalt has thrown 50 strikes and 12 balls. 

@TheGoodPhight: Can we make Super Phillies Dream Team: 2007 offense, 2008 bullpen, 2010 rotation? 

6th Inning 

@magelb: Ryan Howard is 3 for 27 with 15 strikeouts since coming off the DL. 

@loctastic: Well, at least he swung that time? Dang. 

@kierankelly: Ryan Howard is awesome at hitting the slider. And by awesome at hitting, I mean couldn’t hit it if his life depended on it. 

@CoreySeidman: Roy Oswalt is seriously dealin’ right now. Give this man two runs to work with. 

Courtesy of @LudlowLyles

7th Inning 

@SwiftOnSports: Oswalt man-love grows tenfold. #Phillies 

@FriarDanny: That’s what I call: tit… for… tat. Phillies and Padres still tied at 1 in the bottom of the 7th. 


@jwerthsbeard: Offense wins games, beards win championships. 

@MoCJones: Poetic Justice 

@estebomb: Anything I said about being hesitant about trading for Roy Oswalt I must go back in time and call myself a fucking idiot for. 

@jrgini37: Please guys, I beg of you. Give Roy just ONE more run tonight. I know you can do it, you lazy fucks. 

8th Inning 

@PhilliesDoll: Please Phillies offense, for Pete Incavaliga’s sake, score some runs! 

@DashTreyhorn: Ryan, you could strike out 11 times tonight, just not in this AB. Please do something that helps the team. 

@michellew_: J-Roll pep talk effective? I don’t care if he offered him sex after the game. Howard hit the ball! He hit the damn ball! 

@estebomb: Nice way to work the walk there by Wertz. Please please please kill a baseball here Rauuuuuul! 

@MrsUtleyLS: Dear Phillies: Please don’t waste this. 

@NCTPadres: Phillies loaded bags vs. Padres. Mike Adams w/ 1 out. Walked 2 and yielded 1B. Joe Thatcher in vs. Raul Ibanez. Lefties hit .143 vs him. 

@Laid_off_and_u: only available options for Raul: base hit, homer, or sac fly. 


@Utley4God: Letting the bat fly at the defender seems to make defense more difficult. Let’s keep that in mind. 

@WWBD102: First pitch swinging, huh Shane? Come on. 

@DingDong1003: Choochie-poo is gonna hit like a 74-run home run here. 

@utley: Mike Sweeney just tripped in the dugout and MY entire life flashed before my eyes. 

@Ciciretti21: An angel whispered in my ear “if the Phillies win this game, Kruk gets his testicle back.” GO PHILLIES do it for Krukker!!! 

@MandaBrill: It’s ok, Chooch. At least you didn’t swing on the first pitch. ❤ 

@Utley4God: Letting Dom start in the place of Shane against righty starters is so obviously the right thing to do. I can’t think of one reason not to. 

@phanatic_in_nyc: Oswalt is straight-up dealing right now, in full “gonna protect the offense” mode. 

@NCTPadres: Of the 102 pitches Oswalt has thrown, according to Yahoo! box, 78 for strikes. 

9th Inning 

@dochammy: Just for the record, win or lose…I disagree with pulling Oswalt here. 

@Phrontiersman: Wasting Dom’s service time like this is just criminal. 

@jradepright: Its Brad Lidge time…. Plop plop, fizz fizz??? 

@BravesDiva: Check out Matt Stairs’ lip jacket! Effin sweet! 

@Laid_off_and_u: Well at least Stairs does not have the fleet of foot like…. nevermind. Pinch runner 


@chrismayphilly: Oh, for the love of… 

@petzrawr: Brad “Facepalm” Lidge 

@PhoulBallz: Brad Lidge just balked in the tying run in the bottom of the 9th inning. Awful. 

@SwiftOnSports: How… I… Speechless 

@chrisvito: Gotta hand it to them: the Phillies are finding new ways to lose. 

@CoreySeidman: Whats funny to me is that Charlie would have hit Halladay 100 out of 100 times in that situation. But he didn’t with Oswalt… 

@chrismayphilly: That was THE most blatant balk I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was the Mona Lisa of balks. A 2nd grader could have called it. The only way that balk could have been more infuriating is if that smug punk Scott Barry had made the call. 

@rdonovan316: I will go to bed pissed off even if we win this game. 

Courtesy of @noushinnouri

10th Inning 

@bossman767: At this point you could put the Little League World Series on one TV and the Phillies on a smaller TV next to it and I couldn’t tell the difference. WTF is happening? 

@lackdude: I want my life back, Phillies. 

@SwiftOnSports: Wow… what restraint from the home-plate umpire. Take note Scott Barry. 

11th Inning 


@kdonovan13: Well, shit. Madson could’ve stood there and watched 3 strikes go by…and we wouldn’t have burned another pitcher/pinch hitter. 

@DashTreyhorn:  I know Charlie loves to waste pitchers and stuff, but keep it to one a night. 

@HighCheese: If the Phils and Astros can last 15 innings at Citizens Bank Park without someone scoring a third run, imagine what can happen tonight at PETCO. 

@Eaglesfan710:  What inning will Roy Halladay be in left field tonight? 

12th Inning 

@devonxo:  J-ROLL!!!! 

@thejokeson:  Rollins with a leadoff double. DON’T WASTE IT! 

@ChikPhilA:  Safe safe safe safe! 

@Utley4God:  Jimmy Rollins slide was off the charts amazing. Speechless. 

@Estebomb:  Smooth Criminal is Jimmy Rollins’ theme song now. 

@PhilliesNation:  Howard would swing and miss at tee ball 

@Phrontiersman:  0-for-4 with 3 Ks. 0-for-7 with 5 Ks. 0-for-4 with 2 Ks. 0-for-5 with 4 Ks. These are Ryan Howard’s last 4 starts. 

12th Inning 

@magelb:  Choose Your Own Charlie Adventure: What will his explanation for Oswalt be: A) He was due up B) 102 pitches C) Lidge is going good. You pick. 

@JuniorGeneral: It’s kind of adorable how Ryan Howard is startled every time he strikes out, even when it happens five times in one game. 

@DMonie:  Woooooo, THANK YOU Chad Durbin!!! I will be able to sleep, tonight!! 🙂 

@jmiller678:  Nice to see another team slamming bats and griping for a change. 

@ThePhillyPhans: Phillies 2 games back  and .5 games up on the wild card! 

Courtesy of @JeffCornell56


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