Phillies Sexy Opponent of the Series: Ike Davis, NYM

I swear I wrote about this series’ Sexy Opponent earlier in the season, but apparently I have not. If I actually have and the search feature is failing me, well…enjoy a double dose of his hotness. But trust me, is this boy worthy of the title. I’ve been observing him throughout the summer, and after David Wright’s obscene display of gorgeousness, this guy definitely comes in a close second.

Ike Davis, 1B
New York Mets #29

Ike, who began his Major League playing career on April 10, 2010, is the son of Ron Davis, a former Major League pitcher of 11 years. He attended Arizona State University and was drafted 18th in the 2008 Major League Baseball Entry Draft. After being called up in early April, he went on a tear for the team, and continues to perform. By May he was already a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why if you watch him play.

Ike is Jewish, which still seems to be a rarity in the Majors these days. He hails from Edina, Minnesota, and I’m pretty sure he’s one of the hottest things to ever come from that frozen tundra. To see the Hottie that melts the snow up North in the winters, check out the pictures below.

Credit: Christopher Pasatieri/Newsday/MCT

I like Ike too!!

And because I can’t resist posting a picture of a Hottie being embarrassed in some way (see? And Chris himself actually tweeted me about that post! He liked it!)…

The face? The hilariously accidental "I'm trying to save you!" teammate crotch grab? I can't decide what I like more.


2 Responses

  1. You’re so right! He is so so hot! God bless the men of baseball.

  2. HOT!

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