CDTLB talks NFL: Packers 27, Eagles 20

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Let’s be honest; today’s game left a lot of Eagles fans already kissing the dream of a Super Bowl run goodbye.

The Eagles had quite a few challenges this game. The offense was awful, and the defense was poor, but the biggest obstacle was the injuries. By the end of the game, the Eagles faced five different injuries; two of them being season ending. Fullback Leonard Weaver left the game with a horrifying injury; a torn ACL will keep him out for the entire season, while center Jamaal Jackson, also done for the year, suffered a torn bicep. Starting quarterback Kevin Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley were both taken out of the game during halftime with concussions, but not before Andy Reid had both players continue late into the first half after suffering the injuries. Left tackle Jason Peters sprained his right knee but returned to the game.

This game was screwed from the beginning courtesy of none other than Andy Reid. Why the hell was Vick in the first offensive play? It was nonsense. There are no words to even describe it. We have the illegal formation penalty to prove it. The defense was barely effective after giving up 17 points in a span of about 14 minutes. Reid using the final two time outs with little over five minutes left in the game left me screaming in rage at the television. I knew we had big problems. Our head coach is an idiot.

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who by his own admission played the worst game he could have played, made numerous mistakes. Even after his slow start, the Packers went on to defeat the Eagles 27-20 in the first game of the regular season. Rodgers threw a pair of touchdown passes, while kicker Mason Crosby kicked two field goals: one for 49-yards and another for a team record 56-yards. It was the first time that the Packers had won in Philadelphia since 1962.

In the second quarter, running back Ryan Grant had three consecutive runs of 13, 8, and 18 yards respectively, while wide receiver Greg Jennings made a one-handed catch for a 16-yard gain on third-and-9 to keep the drive alive. Rodgers capped the 86-yard drive by throwing a 6-yard touchdown pass to Donald Driver to give the Packers a 13-3 lead going into the second half.

Early in the third quarter, running back John Kuhn went up the middle for another Packers touchdown, giving Green Bay a 20-3 lead after Crosby’s extra point. The Eagles showed the first signs of life with McCoy scoring a touchdown that was nullified by penalty for offensive holding. After the penalty, McCoy ran up the middle from the 12 yard line for a touchdown, pushing the game to 20-10. But the Pack would come back and score again late in the third on a 32-yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Jennings, giving the Packers a 27-10 lead.

Vick gave Eagles fan hope in the fourth quarter by completing a 17-yard pass to wide receiver Jeremy Maclin for a touchdown on third-and-goal, cutting the Packers lead to ten with a chance for a comeback. The Eagles then got lucky when rookie safety Nate Allen intercepted a pass by Rodgers and returned it to midfield, setting kicker David Akers up for a 24-yard field goal, pushing the score 27-20. They may have been able to pull off a tie game in the final minutes, but Vick was stopped on fourth-and-1 at the Packers 42. Cue Andy Reid and poor time management skills. He called his first timeout with 5:25 left in the game, his second with 5:17 left, and his third with 5:11 left. And there went the game.

For much of the second half, I actually began to believe that we had a chance, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I know I, for one ,went into this game hoping to see Kevin Kolb follow in the footsteps of Aaron Rodgers and lead the Eagles to a victory. Never did I imagine that what we would actually witness would be Kolb leaving the game late in the second quarter with a concussion after going only 5-10 for 24 yards and Michael Vick taking over in the second half.

The Michael Vick of old is definitely back. Vick finished the game with 175 yards passing and ran for 103. Don’t get your hopes up for many Vick starts though. According to Coach Reid, Kolb will be back as soon as he is healthy enough to start. Looks like good ol’ Andy has put all his eggs in one basket, and that basket belongs to Kevin Kolb. Let the controversy begin. Fans have already taken to the message boards praising Vick and gathering the lynch mob for Kolb. I think they should focus more on our coaching staff than our quarterbacks. Reid is the problem, and now with McNabb gone maybe someone will focus on that. If not, the Eagles don’t have a chance this season.

The idea of Kolb starting against the Lions is doubtful after his injury, so at least with Vick’s performance Sunday we can have a bit of confidence heading to Detroit that we’re not completely screwed.

Fly Eagles Fly!


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  1. Great blog on the NFL . I love coming here and interacting with others. Sports is just what the doctor ordered. Keep up the great blog.

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