Final Sexy Phillies Opponent of the Series, Marlins Edition: Logan Morrison

I’m posting this a bit late as WordPress and I had another fight and it wouldn’t work for me during the end of the Marlins series. Enjoy!

Since our favorite Marlins hottie Chris Coghlan has been shut down for some time now, I thought almost all the sexy on that field was gone. Of course it wasn’t, I just had to look. It’s pretty clear I’ve got quite a thing for pitchers and catchers, but I’d already covered John Baker, and was on the fence about Volstad and Johnson. In the end though, this final Marlins Sexy Opponent was the clear winner.

Logan Morrison, LF/1B
Florida Marlins #20

Logan actually hit the field to replace Chris, thereby making his Major League debut on July 27th of this year, shortly after his appearance in the 2010 MLB All-Stars Future Game. Although he was drafted as a senior in high school, what fun would it have been without a chase? He made the Marlins wait until 2006 while he spent a year in community college back home in Missouri before he finally signed. And who doesn’t love a college-educated Hottie?!  Between 2007 and 2010 he tore up all levels of the minor league, and finally made it to the bigs.

Logan is from Kansas City, MO, so thankfully he’s at least catching some better baseball through being a Marlin (really…who likes the Royals? Even a little?). He just turned 23 on August 25th, so he’s just about my age too, which is always a bonus. But what I think makes him worthy of being the grand finale Sexy Marlins Opponent is how hilarious and accessible he is to his fans – and haters – on Twitter. He seems to actually read and reply to everything people say to him, and actually has a personality worth paying attention to.  He’s just an entertaining person to follow regardless of if he’s tweeting pictures or witty replies. And really, he’s just downright cute.

After paying more attention to the Marlins this year than almost ever before (with the exception of a few seasons), I’ve come to realize they’ve got a ton of potential out there, and when it finally clicks it could make them a true contender. And they’re insanely sexy. Therefore, Florida Marlins, you are definitely the hottest team in the NL East, the Phillies notwithstanding. Congrats!!

Now, go check out Logan below!

I guess Hanley Ramirez didn't care if he somehow would injure yet another Marlin...but luckily Logan is fast enough to avoid it!

I mean...if Coghlan HAD to get injured...I really don't mind looking at Logan!


9 Responses

  1. I don’t know why, but Logan reminds me of Jayson. I do not mind a bit. [=

    • I thought so too! Like he could be a younger brother of Werth haha!

  2. Plus, that black eye made him look like badass (which I am a total sucker for…oh hey JWerth). Completely won me over with his tweets, though 🙂

    • I know! I got to see it up close & personal when they were here (my seats that game happened to be directly above their dugout steps) and it was quite the badass black eye haha

  3. He’s from Slidell, Louisiana

    • Hey Katie,

      He was actually born in Kansas City Mo. Spent alot of time traveling and living east of the Mississippi. He spent just two yrs in Slidell,LA. He does call it home because he parents still live there.

      • Yep, he is definitely from Kansas City!

  4. Not a fan of his looks wise, but I mean he seems ok!

    • I always thought he was “cute” but not “hot,” but then his tweets just won me over. He’s quite funny and that paired with the cuteness is just adorable!

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