Week 2 Preview – Eagles vs Lions

WEEK #2 Preview


The Philadelphia Eagles and The Detroit Lions suffered some pretty substantial losses in their opening games last week, so it will be interesting to see which team comes out on top.

The Eagles lost quarterback Kevin Kolb to a concussion late in the first half of their game against the Green Bay Packers (27-20). Kolb has yet to pass a concussion test by a doctor, so I think it is safe to say we won’t be seeing him this Sunday.  Coach Reid has said though, as soon as Kolb is healthy enough to play, he will resume his role as starting quarterback.  The Lions lost quarterback Michael Stafford; he is recovering from a shoulder injury he received in their contentious loss against the Chicago Bears (19-14) last weekend.   The Eagles being no stranger to injuries have rallied and put their confidence in Michael Vick as the starting quarterback for this Sunday’s game.

While stepping in for Kolb during last week’s game, Vick reminded us of his days as an Atlanta Falcon and showed the promise of a pretty stellar quarterback.  Vick was 16 of 24 for 175 yards with a touchdown and added 103 rushing yards on 11 attempts. The Lions will look to quarterback Shaun Hill this Sunday, who went 9 for 19 for 88 yards with an interception last weekend. Vick and Hill are in a similar situation this week and both are eager to show they can get the win for their teams. After last week’s game, Vick said, “I felt like I battled, I fought, I had that instinct and desire to win, I had that old feel, … I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would’ve had a chance to win the game.” Vick definitely does not lack the confidence and the desire to win that a quarterback needs going into this game.  He can certainly rally the team together and pull off a win.  Lions head coach Jim Schwartz says of quarterback Shaun Hill, “He’s a veteran quarterback – he’s been around a long time, he knows how to prepare, he knows how to be ready for those situations, he’s been in that role before.”  I feel like it is Déjà vu all over again, and we’re back to comparing these two quarterbacks the same as we did before last weeks game with Kevin Kolb and Aaron Rodgers.  As I see it this game may come down to simply who wants it more, and I think the Eagles will come out on top, provided our defense steps up their game a bit.  Including the playoffs, the Eagles have won five straight against the Lions, with four of the meetings in Philadelphia.  The Eagles won 30-13 in their last showing in Detroit in 2004. 


Middle Linebacker Stewart Bradley (concussion) – Status: Unknown

Center Jamaal Jackson (triceps tear) – Status: Injured reserve. Out for Season

Fullback Leonard Weaver (torn ACL) – Status: Injured reserve. Out for Season

Quarterback Kevin Kolb (concussion) – Status: Unknown.

My Prediction:  Eagles 37 – Lions 14

A little something to make you laugh.  My husband and I have agreed to disagree about why we lost last weeks game.  We both picked the Eagles on this week’s football pool.  But get out the red tape people, this living room is still divided.  The Vick/Kolb debate has been underway for days.  Let’s go Vick!!!

E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!! Fly Eagles Fly!!


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