LOL Espinosa

Last night, during the seventh inning of the Phillies 5-2 win over the Natinals, it appeared that second baseman Danny Espinosa briefly forgot how to count to three.

After swinging on a 82-mph changeup from Chad Durbin, the switch-hitting rookie walked back into the batter’s box rather than retreat to the dugout, causing an on field delay and some mild amusement.

Nats second baseman Danny Espinosa looking dumbfounded after being struck out by Chad Durbin.

Meanwhile, in the Phillies’s dugout, Roy Oswalt tries to lend Danny a helping hand.

Roy knows what's up.

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman comes onto the field to discuss the call while keeping Espinosa at bay.

"Don't worry, baby girl. I got this."

Finally, Espinosa and Riggleman return to the visitor’s dugout denied and dejected.

Espinosa: "Hey, wha' happened?" Riggleman: "Come on, Danny. I'll buy you some crab fries."

With the win, the Phillies magic number to clinch the division is 11. The Phils go for the sweep today at 1:35 as Joe Blanton (7-6, 5.00 ERA) faces Yunesky Maya (0-2, 6.55 ERA) .


2 Responses

  1. There’s a first time for everything and that’s a first for me. It was kinda crazy. What was up with that laser light that they had call time on as well? Last night’s game was filled with memorable moments for sure. The best moments were the 3 Phillies homeruns hit by Werth, Howard and Ibanez along with the stellar night played by Valdez!

  2. haha I was waiting for that screen grab of Roy. I could not stop laughing when they showed him. So casual…

    Can’t tell which one is worse….Espinosa striking out and not knowing it or the entire Braves OF not realizing they got three outs and staying out there. Either way, I am glad the Phils have the ability to count to 3 🙂

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