Baseball Gods and Good Luck Charms

This is an actual IM conversation that I just had with a co-worker:

Donald [8:32 AM]:
Im a little bit worried…and let me explain you know I am a hat guy… I always wear either my phillies or eagles…last night I wore my phillies for practice…but …i forgot to bring it back to the car last night and did not have it this morning…
Valerie [8:32 AM]:
Donald [8:32 AM]:
I know…
Valerie [8:32 AM]:
Okay, deep breaths.
Donald [8:33 AM]:
I always hang it on my rearview mirror
Valerie [8:33 AM]:
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Donald [8:33 AM]:
its not there today
im scared
Valerie [8:33 AM]:
Okay, here we go…
Your hat has no bearing on whether or not the Phils play well.
Donald [8:33 AM]:
Valerie [8:33 AM]:
I know we like to think that we can affect the outcome of the game from home, but we can’t.
Donald [8:33 AM]:
Valerie [8:34 AM]:
Yes, I’ll still say my prayer to the following in this exact order: God, Daddy, Harry, Whitey, and Robin.
Yes, I’ll still sit in my ‘lucky spot’ on the couch to watch the game.
But these things really have no bearing on how Halladay pitches, the offense hits, or the defense plays.
Donald [8:35 AM]:
ok, you are right of course
………………………..i might go home and get it at lunch
Valerie [8:35 AM]:
I think that would be best.


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