Game Recap: Phillies 6 Blue Jays 3

The Phillies took on the Toronto Blue Jays this afternoon at the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium in Dunedin this afternoon.  I won’t bother trying to make this game sound any more exciting than it actually was.  In reality it didn’t even get remotely interesting until the bottom of the 9th anyway.  We’ll go forth with a “here’s what happened and this was the score” type recap. Bottom line The Phillies scored runs and the Jays had errors.

Here’s What Happened:

  • There were 18mph winds in Dunedin today that made for some pretty tricky plays.
  • Halladay allowed two hits and one walk while striking out one in his two innings of work. The 2010 National League Cy Young Award winner threw 25 pitches, including 18 strikes, against his former team.
  • Roy Halladay, J.C. Ramirez and Michael Stutes respectively tossed two innings each of scoreless baseball.
  • The only thing of interest in the 1st inning was a nice play from Wilson Valdez at 2B over to John Mayberry at 1B to end the inning off a ground out by Jay’s Juan Rivera.
  • In the second inning Jay’s pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes walks both Ben Francisco and Dominic Brown. Delwyn Young reaches on a fielding error by Toronto’s second basemen John McDonald to load the bases.
  • Carlos Ruiz had a double in the 2nd to score Francisco and Brown
  • Wilson Valdez makes a nice out in the bottom of the 2nd cutting in front of John Mayberry fighting against the wind in foul territory off a pop up from J.P. Arencibia.
  • Placido Polanco singled in the 3rd for his first hit of the spring.
  • The third inning had a #LOLjays moment; A wild pitch from Joel Carreno who replaced Reyes for the Jays, to John Mayberry moved Polanco to 2B, Mayberry reaches on a fielding error by Jays SS Yunel Escobar, moving Polanco to 3B, with Dominic Brown batting, Mayberry steals 2B and Polanco scores on a throwing error by Jays catcher Arencibia.
  • The Phillies scored 3 in the fourth. Carreno walks Valdez, Rollins singles on a fly ball,  Victorino singles, Toronto calls for a pitching change and Carlos Villanueva comes in for the Jays. Polanco singles on a fly ball, scoring Valdez and Rollins. Ben Francisco singles scoring Victorino.
  • Michael Stutes has an impressive 1,2,3 inning for his 1st  on the mound for the Phillies, also showing off a pretty nice breaking ball.
  • The Blue Jays kept their starting line-up in through 5 looking for a hit.
  • Harold Garcia of the Phillies doubled in the 6th and looked to be trying to really prove himself.
  • Juan Perez replaced Michael Stutes on the mound for the Phillies and allowed the Jays their first run, Eric Thames scored on a double off of Mike McCoy.
  • Matt Anderson replaced Perez for the Phillies on the mound in the bottom of the 8th inning, he retired the side with a  1,2,3 inning.
  • Dominic Brown was 0-4 this afternoon.
  • Scott Mathieson replaced Anderson for the Phillies and allowed two final runs for the Jays.
  • The Blue Jays were charged with 5 errors.

The Phillies beat the Blue Jays 6-3 in their 3rd Grapefruit League game.

The Phillies head back to Bright House Field tomorrow to take on the Detroit Tigers.  As Cliff Lee makes his Grapefruit League debut.


Home away from home? The Nationals would beg to differ.

Last night, Nationals Park was quite possibly the best take-over of another team’s ballpark that I have ever witnessed.  From the first inning there were “this is our house” chants erupting from Phillies fans.  I am not exaggerating when I say out of the about 14,000 people in the ballpark, 75% were Philadelphia Phillies fans.  It was a Where’s Waldo of sorts searching for a Washington Nationals fan.  From the moment I sat down I could figure the people working at the park wanted no part of “Philly” in their home territory.  Meghan and I were asked five different times by the same loud and obnoxious female usher if we had tickets for our seats.  We were seated directly alongside the Phillies bullpen with a great view of Chooch and Doc warming up, so naturally fans swarmed our section hoping for pictures and to have a ball thrown in their direction.  The usher yelled at each and every one of them, and they had 10 seconds to “get your picture and move on” even though the section was completely empty and they weren’t bothering anyone.

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 27: Philadelphia Phillies fans cheer during a baseball game against the Washington Nationals on September 27, 2010 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

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Week 3 Preview – Eagles at Jacksonville

WEEK #3 Preview

Michael Vick has earned the position of starting quarterback as the Philadelphia Eagles travel to EverBank Field on Sunday to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Making his first start since 2006, Vick went on to lead the Eagles (1-1) to a 35-32 win over the Detroit Lions last Sunday, going 21 of 34 for 284 yards and two touchdowns while adding 37 rushing yards.  “When someone is playing at the level Michael Vick is playing, you have to give him an opportunity,” Reid said. “This isn’t about Kevin Kolb’s play. You’re talking about Michael Vick as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.”  Reid said this one day after stating that he would go back to Kolb as the starter.  This decision has caused quite the commotion between fans.  Vick should hopefully prove all those nay sayers wrong. Continue reading

CDTLB talks NFL Week 2: Eagles 35, Lions 32

D. Hallowell/Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Detroit Lions Sunday at Ford Field by the skin of their teeth.  Feel free to thank Michael Vick and the offense for this week’s win.  It didn’t have to be that close, but apparently the defense decided not to show up, allowing the Lions 32 points. 

Michael Vick was amazing in his first start at quarterback since 2006.  He managed to take home a win, finally put his past behind him, and show us the pro-bowler we all knew.  Vick, who connected with nine teammates, threw for for 285 yards and two touchdowns, and ran for 37 yards.  Wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who caught four of Vick’s passes for 135 yards and a touchdown, had high praise for Vick.  After the game, he told reporters “A lot of people doubted him and said he wasn’t able to do this. He’s been able to prove everybody wrong.” 

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Week 2 Preview – Eagles vs Lions

WEEK #2 Preview


The Philadelphia Eagles and The Detroit Lions suffered some pretty substantial losses in their opening games last week, so it will be interesting to see which team comes out on top.

The Eagles lost quarterback Kevin Kolb to a concussion late in the first half of their game against the Green Bay Packers (27-20). Kolb has yet to pass a concussion test by a doctor, so I think it is safe to say we won’t be seeing him this Sunday.  Coach Reid has said though, as soon as Kolb is healthy enough to play, he will resume his role as starting quarterback.  The Lions lost quarterback Michael Stafford; he is recovering from a shoulder injury he received in their contentious loss against the Chicago Bears (19-14) last weekend.   The Eagles being no stranger to injuries have rallied and put their confidence in Michael Vick as the starting quarterback for this Sunday’s game. Continue reading

CDTLB talks NFL: Packers 27, Eagles 20

Courtesy of

Let’s be honest; today’s game left a lot of Eagles fans already kissing the dream of a Super Bowl run goodbye.

The Eagles had quite a few challenges this game. The offense was awful, and the defense was poor, but the biggest obstacle was the injuries. By the end of the game, the Eagles faced five different injuries; two of them being season ending. Fullback Leonard Weaver left the game with a horrifying injury; a torn ACL will keep him out for the entire season, while center Jamaal Jackson, also done for the year, suffered a torn bicep. Starting quarterback Kevin Kolb and middle linebacker Stewart Bradley were both taken out of the game during halftime with concussions, but not before Andy Reid had both players continue late into the first half after suffering the injuries. Left tackle Jason Peters sprained his right knee but returned to the game.

This game was screwed from the beginning courtesy of none other than Andy Reid. Why the hell was Vick in the first offensive play? It was nonsense. There are no words to even describe it. We have the illegal formation penalty to prove it. The defense was barely effective after giving up 17 points in a span of about 14 minutes. Reid using the final two time outs with little over five minutes left in the game left me screaming in rage at the television. I knew we had big problems. Our head coach is an idiot.

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Week 1 Preview – Eagles vs Packers

WEEK #1 Preview

A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles will kick off their 2010 Season at Lincoln Financial Field by honoring the 50th Anniversary of the 1960 Championship team. Ironic that it’s the Green Bay Packers they’re opening their season with since in 1960 it was Vince Lombardi’s Packers they defeated in one of the most famous match-ups between the teams, with the Eagles beating Green Bay 17-13 and winning the NFL Championship Game on Dec. 26, 1960. This will be the sixth time in franchise history that the Eagles open their season against the Packers, but the first time in Philadelphia. The Eagles are 1-4 in previous openers against Green Bay, with match-ups in 1934, 1940, 1968, 1991 and 2007. Sunday’s game will be the 37th time that these teams have met in the regular season, with Green Bay holding a 23-13 lead in the franchise series.
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