Baseball 101

For chicks who want to dig the long ball,
but don’t know how

By Angela Peters

Marie Wegman, of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League arguing with umpire Norris Ward

base·ball | noun 

A game of ball between two nine-player teams played usually for nine innings on a field that has as a focal point a diamond-shaped infield with a home plate and three other bases, 90 ft. (27 m) apart, forming a circuit that must be completed by a base runner in order to score, the central offensive action entailing hitting of a pitched ball with a wooden or metal bat and running of the bases, the winner being the team scoring the most runs

If nothing else, going to an all-girls Catholic high school taught me that not all women like sports.  What I have found, however, is not that girls dislike sports simply because they don’t know what’s going on, but it’s because no one has taken the time to explain to them what’s going on.  I believe this site has the ability to reach so many people, especially women, and it’s for you ladies I bring you this crash course in Baseball 101.  This is for the girl who wants to be able to chat it up with her boyfriend, show off at the office, or simply read a blog written by their female counterparts and know what the hell it is we’re talking about!

When I started the research behind this guide I asked some girls what they would want to know most about baseball, and they really had no idea.  Because of that, I’m going to start with the basics and build on this over the course of the season so that by the time the Philadelphia Phillies are celebrating another WFC* you can talk the talk with the best of them while watching them parade down Broad Street this November.

(*see “Baseball Abbreviations”)

Follow the links below to start digging the long ball:

Field Positions

Baseball Abbreviations

Types of Pitches

The “Lingo” – Commons Phrases & Play Descriptions

The Rockford Peaches of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League - 1944


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