Player Profile: Mike Sweeney (It’s Sweeney Mania Up In Here!)

Mike Sweeney is the bee’s knees.

I really couldn’t start off a player profile on him without getting that out of my system first. That’s the tamest way to describe him. This guy… is a breath of fresh air that the Phillies desperately need right now. Remember back in 2008, when every member of the team looked happy to be there? That’s what we see in Mike Sweeney right now. Ever since the Phillies acquired him on August 5th to replace Ryan Howard at first base while Howard was on the 15-day disabled list, this guy has been all about helping the team advance.

“I’m not going to be Ryan Howard, but I’m going to give you my heart every single night.”

Sweeney said that after the first game he played with the Phillies. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS GUY? We’ve dealt with Scott Rolen and Wes Helms, guys who didn’t want to be in Philadelphia and guys who may have contributed, but who didn’t play their hearts out like some other players. Sweeney is a class act. He wants to be here, he will do whatever he can to help the Phillies win, and he is just the sunshine of everyone’s life these days, it seems. The guy’s always smiling. He hit his first home run as a Phillie yesterday, and instead of slapping high-fives or bragging about it, he gave out hugs. I don’t know about you guys – well, if I follow you on Twitter, I do – but I was flipping my shit. This guy is the real deal. This guy is exactly what the Phillies need.

Numbers-wise, he is 10-for-42 so far in his time with the Phillies. He’s not a power-hitter, but you can bet that he will work his ass off to do something during an at-bat – wear out the pitcher, advance a runner, work out a walk, maybe even score a run. He doesn’t look lethargic standing in the batter’s box. Some people may say that emotions don’t play a part, but how could they not? When athletes are slumping, their attitudes change. It’s easy to see. Sweeney doesn’t have numbers like Howard or Utley, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that by talking to him. He’s excited about everything he does. He’s not a braggart. He just wants to do his best and help his team advance. By keeping the clubhouse positive and contributing in some way every single time he takes the field, there’s no doubt that he’s making a difference.

Oh, and by the way, during his post-game interview with Sarge yesterday, Sweeney said, “Every day I’m in that locker room… I look at my teammates’ eyes and I just want to fight with them. I never want to let those guys down.” If you don’t like this guy, you have no heart. End of story.

Mike Sweeney celebrates his first home run as a Phillie with Jayson Werth and Raul Ibanez (Photo credit: AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

And, Sweeney? If you just so happen to be reading this (a girl can hope!), two things: 1) Let’s get married, and 2) Remember how after your first game with the Phillies, you called Brad Lidge “Lidgey”? Yeah, I call him that all the time. So, you and I? We’re soul mates. You know, if you believe in that kind of thing.


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