NLDS Series Preview: Philadelphia Phillies (97-65) v. Cincinnati Reds (91-71)

Welcome to the playoffs, babies (or, for fans of The701Level, babbys and guy babbys)! The NLDS begins tomorrow, October 5th, with our beloved Phillies taking on the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants taking on the Atlanta Braves. If you’ve already seen the Baseball Ladies’ predictions for the NLDS (which, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), you’ll know that we’re all favoring the Phillies to beat the Reds and advance to the NLCS (where I, personally, hope they’ll face the Giants… if only to bring <strong><a href=””>Pat  Burrell</a></strong> and <strong><a href=””>Aaron  Rowand</a></strong> back to Philly for a short while). Yes, we’re biased, but the Phillies have been here before – the past three years in a row, actually. The Reds haven’t been in the playoffs since 2006. The Phillies are heavily favored to win this best-of-5 series, but I’m hoping for at least some fight from the Reds, just to make it interesting. I’d love to see the Phillies just destroy them, too… I’m so indecisive. Anyway. Phillies in 4.
Pitching matchups for the first three games of the NLDS are as follows: <strong><a href=””>Roy  Halladay</a></strong> v. Edison Volquez, <strong><a href=””>Roy  Oswalt</a></strong> v. <strong><a href=””>Bronson  Arroyo</a></strong>, <strong><a href=””>Cole  Hamels</a></strong> v. <strong><a href=””>Johnny  Cueto</a></strong>. Our big three against their… three starting pitchers? Yeah, I think we’ve got these in the bag. I am a little curious as to why <strong><a href=””>Vance  Worley</a></strong> didn’t make the NLDS roster, in case we need him as a starter or a long reliever out of the bullpen. At least <strong><a href=””>Mike  Zagurski</a></strong> and <strong><a href=””>Danys  Baez</a></strong> didn’t make the roster, either, but there’s a huuuuge difference between Worley and Zagurski/Baez that could really make up an entirely separate blog post. So we’ll skip that for now.
NLDS Schedule
Game 1 – Wednesday, October 5th @ 5:07PM (Citizens Bank Park)
Game 2 – Friday, October 6th @ 6:07PM (Citizens Bank Park)
Game 3 – Sunday, October 8th @ 7:07PM (Great American Ball Park)
Game 4 (if needed) – Monday, October 9th @ 5:07PM (Great American Ball Park)
Game 5 (if needed) – Wednesday, October 11th @ 6:07PM (Citizens Bank Park)
Let’s go Phillies!!!!