Eat the Phillies: The Ebony & Ivory Man Melt Sundae

The existence of this masterful creation (named by @SonOfADeitch, and thank you very much, sir) is due to a confluence of events.  I had spent ages looking for an ice cream recipe worthy of Chooch, and hadn’t found anything that came close to his incredible, unmatched awesomeness.  I had a pile of decent recipes, but no winners.  I was growing desperate.  Then last week, an angel from the heavens blessed us all. Continue reading


Eat the Phillies: Chase Utley’s Get Well Soon Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Tuesday, I will be at Citizens Bank Park for what has become a family tradition: our yearly Phillies game.  When my dad bought the tickets several months ago, I told him what I look forward to every time I go to a game: seeing Chase Utley play.  I don’t care how far from the field I am, I just love watching him play the game.  I am an unabashed Chase Utley fangirl.  Yes, I enjoy Jayson Werth, Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, Brad Lidge, and Ross Gload the Silver Fox, but for me, Chase Utley is The Man.  Continue reading

Eat the Phillies: Joe Blanton’s Angel Food French Toast

You know, Joe Blanton isn’t fat.  He isn’t even big boned.  Dude is just a big guy.  Not every pitcher has to be a beanpole like Hamels or Halladay.  Curt Schilling is a big guy.  As @DavefromPhilly kindly points out every time he pitches, Jose Contreras will eat your car.  There is a long tradition of giant-pitcher-dudes in baseball.  Poor Joe has it tough because on his team, there are only beanpoles.  Hamels, Halladay, Moyer, Kendrick, Lidge, Madson, all skinny boys.  You stand them all up together with Big Joe, and he’s going to look like the kid who cheated at fat camp. Continue reading

Eat the Phillies: Lights Out Lidge’s Jello Shots

I spent several weeks trying to figure out what to make for Brad Lidge’s Eat the Phillies entry.  I thought about doing a “Floating Bodies Soup,” but scratched that when I realized I didn’t really want to make soup, and most readers probably wouldn’t make soup, either.  Then I thought about doing some kind of jello dessert with fruit suspended within it, continuing the floating bodies theme.  But I trashed that idea when I realized it would be hard to do, only marginally tasty, and not very interesting.  Then, the idea came to me: why don’t I combine the ease and deliciousness of jello with the mind impairing properties of liquor?  Thus, Lights Out Lidge Jello Shots were born. Continue reading

Eat the Phillies: Jamie Moyer’s Throwback Cheesesteak Fondue

In my continuing quest to write about baseball without actually writing about baseball, I’d like to welcome you to my new feature, Eat the Phillies.  Yes, you too can Eat the Phillies!  I will be creating a recipe for each of the Phillies eight position players, five starting pitchers, and two closers.  These recipes will be made by me (with poorly taken pictures to prove it), and so they can definitely be made by you. Continue reading