Phillies Sexy Opponent of the Series: JA Happ, HOU

There are times in a fan’s life when a player is loved so deeply, it transcends all possible trades and even sometimes rivalries. It happened way back when with Tug McGraw. I should suspect it will happen with Philadelphia’s beloved Simon Gagne, the Flyer who was once our longest-tenured athlete and now a part of the Tampa Bay Lightning. These players aren’t necessarily here the longest, nor may they be the most productive, but we love them still and that’s something I know I can’t just shake.

Of course there were other possibilities for this series’ Sexy Opponent, and Lord knows there was no shortage of ex-Phillies. But one was so near and dear to my heart – and sexy as all get out, to boot! – that it was just no competition. Sorry, Brett Myers, that little Anthrax-band-member-looking billy goat on your chin just didn’t cut it. Continue reading