Everybody Loves Mike Sweeney

“It’s a great gift to be a Philadelphia Phillie.” -Mike Sweeney

Move over, Chase Utley. There’s a new man crush in town, and his name is Mike Sweeney.

Already loved by Fightins’ fans and popular Phillies bloggers everywhere for his neverending enthusiasm, fist-pumps, and strong-yet-tender man hugs, Sweeney endeared himself to the Phillies faithful even more today by hitting his first home run in a Phillies uniform. He hit a first-pitch fastball that landed just inside the left field foul pole in the top of the seventh to give the Phils a three-run lead and Cole Hamels some much deserved run support. Then he proceeded to hug everyone in the dugout, including the bat boys and a pistachio vendor who got lost on her way to the restroom.

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