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Michelle (@M_OMalley)

Michelle grew up in Mount Holly, NJ, just a short ride from Philadelphia.  She fondly recalls the days of sitting next to the Phanovision in the 700 level at the Vet, and still has mixed feelings about the first time she wasn’t able to buy tickets to a Phillies game at the gate (June 21, 2008).  After nearly four years of living in Virginia Beach, VA, she got sick of being so far away from her team and snapped.  She may or may not have purchased tickets to nearly 30 Phillies games in 2010, putting over 10,000 miles on her car in one season.  She also has a deep rooted fear of the Phanatic, an unhealthy obsession with the Bongo Cam at Citizens Bank Park, and a habit of getting on TV. She created Chicks Dig the Long Ball prior to the 2010 season and feels extremely lucky to have forged the bonds she has as a result of the project. Go baseball, go Phils.


Val (@PhilliesDoll)

Poet. Scholar. Connoisseur of fruit-infused beers. Lover of the 6-4-3 double play. Mike Schmidt was her first crush.









Angela (@angejim0531)

Angela grew up in a family where sports came first, Sundays meant Football, Hockey was the talk of the dinner table, and Veterans Stadium was comparable to the Holy Grail.  It’s no wonder she became such a sports junkie.  She’s 26 years old and growing up in Philadelphia, sports have always been part of her life.  Baseball is her one true love, next to her husband of course.





Cynthia (@WrongLaneKahne)

Miss Cynthia (Cyn Diesel, if you’re nasty) is a New Yawwk Phillies chick. An all around sports fanatic with a passion for Ford Mustangs. She is a fun, sarcastic, tattooed, free spirited, carnivorous animal lover who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She attended Nascar Tech in North Carolina back in 2007 and has a  crush on Danny Trejo (Don’t worry, Chutley, you’re still #1).  One of her main goals is to visit each and every Major League Baseball stadium and NASCAR track before she dies. Well, that, and give Chase Utley a foot rub. Yum.

Deanna (@DeannaIngeno)

Sweet Dee believes in the Church of Red Pinstripes, stands 5′ tall, and has got more heart than you! Don’t whine about Cliff Lee unless you want a swift kick in the dick. Remember, mellows are supposed to be marshed, not harshed.







Janet (@PhanGrrl)

Janet has been a professional writer for years, including earning co-writing credits on many hit songs in the 1990s. She famously convinced Sisqo to rewrite his originally titled “Underpants Song” as “The Thong Song,” a change that is said to have catapulted it to an international hit. Now, she writes the questions that the Phillies ball girls pose to the players in videotaped segments played at home games. It is because of Janet that we now know that Cole Hamels’ favorite TV show is “Cribs,” Shane Victorino’s favorite movie is “The Passion of the Christ,” and Ryan Howard would like to learn to cook better. A great admirer of the Zoo With Roy blog, it has inspired her to hopefully someday launch her own blog, “I want to go to the Motel 6 with Jayson Werth.”


Kelly (@kchristine) 

YO KELLY CHRISTINE is fucin LEGIT AS fuckin TIT as youd expect from a lielong PHILE SPROT FAN. SHE bring teh RELL n RAW to teh CTLB bog on the fuckin REG so thas y GIL N SHEP be fellin her n her ON PONT STYLE. but yo u BEST not be HATTIN n tlkain tat SHIT on PHILES n UNINO to her cuz shell CLAP U UPn u best BELEE DAT 4 fuckin RELL SON. Love, The 701 Level.


  Kerri (@kdonovan13)

Baseball is a way of life in Kerri’s house. By the time she was a teenager, her dad would spend half the game quizzing her on rules and situational baseball. Four years of college outside the Phillies broadcast area were almost unbearable but she survived. She’s known by many at work as “the Phillies girl” or “the Tastykake girl” (not because of her love of Tastykakes, but because she’s the girl annoying you every other inning in the Phillies Tastykake commercial). She’s infamous for getting 14-and-under giveaways at the ballpark despite being 23 years old. She’s also infamous for bringing a flask of rum into those very same games. Her love for Pat Burrell is unending.


Kim (@utley)

Kim is a recent graduate of Temple University currently living in downtown Philadelphia and doing marketing, promotions, and booking for a local live music venue. She eats, sleeps, and breathes Phillies baseball, and is a huge Flyers fan as well. Aside from the boys in red & white & grey (and the boys in orange & black), she loves music, writing, telling inappropriate jokes, and watching bad television. Oh, and hoping that Mike Sweeney converts to Judiasm… or just gives her a hug.





Kristen (@thekdotcom)

K is a chick and she likes baseball.







Liz (@lizroscher)

Liz was born in Philly, but lived in Bangor, Maine from age seven to nineteen.  While her heart still resides in Philly, she has also lived in Washington, DC, Beloit, Wisconsin, and her current city, East Haven, Connecticut (where she is constantly surrounded by Yankees fans).  When Liz is not writing about or watching the Phillies, she works as a higher education fundraiser and event planner, and she enjoys being a smartass, cooking, swearing like a sailor, and being crafty.





Meghan (@meghanXrino)

Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Meghan is a baseball obsessed lady who loves her hair and can run fast when she has to.  The only other sport she devotes serious time to is soccer.  She’ll take a good pitcher’s duel over a blowout game, and is fascinated with the art of base running and stealing. She’s a fan of skin care products, DOOPing, laughing a lot, and good wine.  In addition she has unhealthy obsessions with Joe Mauer, Landon Donovan and Rich Dubee. She also went to the World Series on her birthday in 2008 which she says was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Go Phils.

 Natalie (@Phanatical)

Having grown up just two streets away from the sports complex my whole life, Natalie has been a devoted fan of all Philadelphia teams since birth. She come from a very sports-rich family, and has been lucky enough to witness some of the most amazing moments in recent history. Her other great sports passion is hockey; Natalie interned with the Philadelphia Flyers for a year before graduating from Temple University for Sports Management. She’s clumsy beyond belief, snorts when she laughs, and lives for fashion & beauty. One day soon she wants to move to either London or Dublin, and hopes to travel the world. She also tends to attract the most insane characters to myself at all times. And she loves a good athlete heiney!

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